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    It's only a matter of money. A reversing switch for the motor is cheaper than an extra gear in the drive line to accomplish the directional challenge. "A wise man once noted that when you can't figure out the answer to a puzzle, you have left out the dollar sign.



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      Originally posted by Toolguy View Post
      All the ones I ever used had the spindle going in reverse in low gear. Doesn't matter, there is a forward/reverse switch, so you just turn the on/off switch the other way, and it does what you want. In this particular case, no need to shoot anyone.
      If only it were that easy. Had a foreman once that had all the J head mills re-wired so that you had to put the switch in "reverse" when using right hand drills and end mills when in High range. Exact opposite of what the rest of the world was doing. He would swear up and down that he was right, everyone else was wrong, and that his way was the best way. Everything was three phase, so it's only a matter of swapping two wires. Never ran into anyone so stubborn in my life.