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Efficiency of chain drives,

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    Our chains run without any guarding, they are about 3 inches above ground level and we run on all sorts of surfaces. I have a can of spray on moly which I use liberally.
    In full size the chains, when correctly tensioned, and well lubricated usually make a cheerful , goey sizzling sound when at speed, and if all is well thats all you hear , at least on flat roads.


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      That is an interesting comment about the moly lube needing to be applied to bare metal. It seems to make some sense as a layer of oil or another grease could/would prevent it from coating the metal. I like moly grease for some things and had not thought of that point. Thanks.

      One place where I like to use moly grease is on chassis punches (Greenlee). It makes punching holes in steel a lot easier when it is applied to the threads of the draw bolts and under their heads as will as on the face of the nut. I also put a bit of it on the working edges of the die. I have measured the torque needed with those punches and the use of moly grease on them seems to extend their thickness range for at least one, possibly two additional sheet metal gauge sizes.

      Originally posted by Rich Carlstedt View Post
      50 years ago, i worked for a company that had extensive work using chains on their production machines under terrible conditions.
      Brand new chains lasted one month before failure. After a 2-3 year test and trial period , They extended it to 3 months by pre-treating chains with Molybdenum Di-sulfide ( Moly lube)
      New Chains were washed with solvent ( get rid of factory oils) and then placed in a pan with Moly Lube ( Powder and solvent and soaked overnight with some agitation)
      The Moly "plates' the steel microscopically as there is no oil in the way !. The Moly prevents welding/scuffing and lowers friction-- then the chain is used and normal lubes applied.
      Putting Moly lube on a prelubricated chain made little difference, it needs to touch bare metal.

      My neighbor about 20 years ago was building a junior dragster (s !) for his son. This where they take a 8 HP B&S engine and get 35 HP out of it - His son won the NATS with it.
      He was getting 2 runs per chain until Ii told him about the Moly treatment and he tried it and said it more than doubled the life and saved him a few bucks $$$

      Paul A.
      SE Texas

      And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
      You will find that it has discrete steps.