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Pitman arm removal

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  • Pitman arm removal

    This thing ain't budging. Already broke one puller(cheap). I don't want to dremel it off if I can help it. Any suggestions?
    Oh. Yeah. It,s a 99 dodge ram pu 2wd.

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    Heat it, if ya can. Try to only heat the arm, without getting the shaft and seals hot too...kinda hard to do but can be done.


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      Those can be a PITA, if it has a split by the pinch bolt try driving a metal wedge in the split to releave some of the tension. When i used to install them on large trucks we place them on by hand then had to to remove a the wedge then it would not move .They had desiged it to have clamping force with out the pinch bolt . The bolt is to make sure it never moves under stresses of driving.
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        No wedge. Just a splined hole. The other end is resting on a jack. That end isn't moving either. I'll break out the torch and heat it and see what happens.


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          Can you turn it so that you can get a jack on one side then a hefty bar and a sledge on the other side so it shocks it off the taper.
          Never had any success with pullers.
          If you can't get a jack on it try getting a friend to back one side up with a sledge then whack the other side.

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            Don't heat it. I respect my fellow posters, but I have to say this becuase I think you will damage that seal.

            I'm a Jeep guy. I remove pitman arms at least six times a year for different projects or to help people that can't get them on their own. My method always works, even with a cheapy puller and a box that's laying loose on the floor (as opposed to solidly mounted on a truck).

            Step one, remove the nut (done).

            Step two, get a throw-away old nylon ratchet strap about 1" wide and wrap it around the threads several times to protect them.

            Step three, put your puller on it and tension it using a breaker bar. Watch fro the little horizontal legs to flex and stop just before they break.

            Step 4 using a 32 oz ball pein hammer or larger, beat on the pitman arm opposite of the arm itself. Hit it hard. Use both hands. Hit it several times. Maybe 10 or 12 good solid hits.

            Step 5, tighten the puller some more. At least 1/4 turn, or until you feel that you are going to break it - whichever results in tightening more.

            Repeat steps 3-5 until the pitman arm falls off.

            Normally, it won't seem to loosen for the first few cycles - but it always comes off.


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              Use an air hammer.
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                I obviously don't have alot of expierence but i would agree with Nutter. I saw this method used and it worked wonders. I often do something very similiar in removing stuborn fly-wheels and other press fit pieces.


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                  Those things can be nasty. I just did one on my Toyota 4X4.
                  I broke two pullers using the old "tighten it and whack the end of the puller screw". Didn't budge.
                  Took it to a friend of mine who is a mechanic. He has a good puller but it's just a skinny little thing. I didn't think it'd work.
                  He always uses an impact gun to tighten the puller screw. Whacks the sides of the arm all around...tightens a bit...hits it again, then hits the end of the screw and so on. Thing popped right off.
                  He says the impact gun helps jiggle it loose.
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                    Hehe i used an impact on a puller once - actually i used it on three which is exactly how many puller screws i stripped. Of course i think alot of that had to do with the fact i was using 15 dollar pullers from O'reily and was removing some hundred or so bearings from a rolling harrow


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                      Originally posted by Rustybolt
                      This thing ain't budging. Already broke one puller(cheap). I don't want to dremel it off if I can help it. Any suggestions?
                      Oh. Yeah. It,s a 99 dodge ram pu 2wd.
                      Saw off the shaft flush with the backside of the arm, take it over to the press and press out the stubby piece of shaft and you will have a pitman arm in perfect condition, ready for installation when the new steering box arrives from dodge. Unless you want to reuse the old box too, in that case use the puller, bfh and have some bandages near by ear plugs can't hurt either.


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                        Use the proper tool, If you don't want to spring for a good one check with your local autoparts store. Sometimes they have loaners or rental tools. I have a good one that has changed probably over 50, and used an impact wrench on most of them. James


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                          I agree on tension and wacking, on my dually I removed the unit and put it in a press with a bearing puller plate under the are and only a 12 ton press there was a bang and it was off not sure it would have come off any other way. E d ke6bnl
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                            Got it!! Thanks everybody. I used Nutters method, only I used a five pound sledge. There was'nt much room between the sway bar and the arm so I held the hammer head in both hands and whacked away. Once it broke free, it just fell off. I thought I was going to have a problem with the other end , but I used the puller on that too and it popped right off.
                            Thanks again for all the help.


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                              You know, you probably wouldn't have had the problem in the first place if it was a chevy instead of a dodge...

                              just kidding