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  • Aloris AXA-7 & AXA-77

    Can someone recommend a parting blade to hold carbide inserts for the AXA-7 &AXA-77 tool holders?... and a place to buy them, with the inserts?

    Ed P

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    I'm a fan of ISCAR cutoffs. But, they can be quite expensive. So what kind of money are you looking to spend? Keep in mind that no matter the brand, you WILL break that holder at some point.
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      Originally posted by dalee100 View Post
      Keep in mind that no matter the brand, you WILL break that holder at some point.
      Truth! I use carbide for almost everything else, but HSS parting blades.

      It's all mind over matter.
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        Alolris has what you need and at a discount from retail. Good people to deal with. I find that setting the tool height a bit low helps.
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          Another vote for genuine ISCAR cutoff blades.
          1/8" width seems more robust than 3/32" but maybe it was me.
          And I am kinda partial to the single sided inserts
          not the double sided dogbone ones. Again, the pocket
          seems stronger. It should not matter if you are using them
          like a perfect gentleman, but everyone gets a little crank happy
          now and again. I know someone who cuts weld beads off of
          shafts with Iscar parting blades. Talk about unnecessary roughness.

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