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    Is their any index to this forum to find old topics or infomation.Maybe such as a search engine . I dont know how many times I have seen questions about how to level a lathe sence I have been following this site . We all know but every few weeks some new member ask.and they get replied to but we have beat tha dog to death. I my self have some questions and know they have allready been discused at some time are the other. I would like to find the answers in past post but how ? May be I am missing something or dont know where to look, or dont know how this forum works. BUT I LOVE I HERE LOTS OF good info Sprinkled with a little bull S--t.
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    there is a search right up here -----------------------------------------------------------^^^^

    follow the arrows up.


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      See "Search" in the top line of links on the page, to the right.
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