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Bridgeport Oil Tube Assy. 037-0246

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  • Bridgeport Oil Tube Assy. 037-0246

    Is there a difference between the BP 6020 oil wick used in the 037-0246 oil tube and a standard pipe cleaner? The oil wick on my machine completely plugs the oil passage and I suspect someone used a pipe cleaner.
    This is the oil cup located on the RH side of a variable speed head just behind the downfeed engagement lever.
    What is the best solution to this problem?
    I need to understand how oil moves to the quill area. Thank you.

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    When I pulled my BP head apart that's what I found in there too. I don't remember how the pipe cleaner fit in the hole but there are different diameter pipe cleaners. I used the standard size ones.
    There was about one turn of it coiled up in the cup. Even if it looks like it's plugging the hole it'll still wick the oil to the bearing.

    They have thin pipe cleaners too. I have an assortment for various jobs.