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OT To my fellow S Africans .

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    Terrible news Plunger.

    Originally posted by plunger View Post
    We have tried to organise a community watch group at short notice .My shift is two to four AM . Just me and another guy in my street .
    I will suggest, although you have likely already done so - please go through scenarios. Detail them, discuss them, think them through with whatever time is available, and come up with actions and reactions. In the moment, you don't have time to think, so planning and preparation are potentially pivotal.
    Obviously, a violent reaction towards hundreds of people, however massively deserved, is likely to have poor outcome. I hope you can come up with alternatives that might improve the situation.

    'Best' of luck doesn't really go very far...
    Location: North Central Texas


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      Large crowds tend to utterly lose whatever common sense the individuals might have had by themselves. There is simply no telling what such a crowd may do. There are always criminals in any such crowd, and they will do whatever benefits them in some perceived way (generally looting and then burning the evidence), often many others will follow them.

      The "watch" might be best employed to warn of approach and co-ordinate exiting the area including locating the safest exit path and ensuring transport for all.

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan

      Everything not impossible is compulsory


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        Yes, and ALWAYS maintaining an escape plan is paramount.
        Location: North Central Texas


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          Here is the reply from my old NZ boss, who is 82 and lives in Durban.
          Yes - KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) is on fire again. It started with the incarceration of Jacob Zuma last week after an order for arrest from the Constitutional Court for not appearing before the State Capture Enquiry headed by the Deputy Chief Justice. Zuma had created the Enquiry and appointed the Chair when he was President. Calling the Constitutional Court members names, and so on didn't help him! His standoff and abusive behavior have been a drama akin to Trump's circus - I'm not sure who performed better, or who learnt from whom (they definitely have the same playbook). Anyway, a drama played out in front of his Nkandla homestead for a week while the nation waited for his arrest - or his surrender. He finally gave himself in at the very very very last moment - with 2 minutes to spare! Thus avoiding a civil war.

          Members of his RET faction (and his vast family) have been demonstrating and performing ever since, demanding his release or they would make the country ungovernable - big egos! They blocked both the N3 from Johannesburg, and N2 - the main Coastal route with burning trucks. Then the looting began. Several Malls were burnt and looted - it became a free for all. Yesterday they started rampaging through suburbs.

          Kwa Mashu Mall (about 5km from here) was ransacked and burnt. We watched the smoke and helicopters from home). Then they moved into adjacent Phoenix - but the residents resisted (unlike in other places)! Bailey's sister's housing complex (3 km from here) had all the men block the entrance - menacingly. Just around the corner it was reported half a dozen bodies lay strewn along the road, together with their burnt-out taxi. The new Cornubia Mall (8 km away) near Gateway was burnt. Smoke was billowing in the air above us, helicopters overhead, the sound of gunshot nearby - don't let me get too dramatic, but social media was overflowing! The main Phoenix Highway is 150m away, and the northern railway runs 40m from our house! All trains have stopped running. The police are hopelessly outnumbered and have called for military backup tonight!

          Are we nervous? No, but all KZN and Gauteng are. Bailey has been on the phone all day, consoling her many clients, friends and neighbour's. And I've been napping on and off, dozing in the sun, eating big avocado's falling from our tree, playing with our 6 week old puppy - she'll grow up to be a great big guard dog (German Shepard with part Husky). Hearing the sounds of the nearby struggle, smelling the acrid air occasionally blocked by black smoke drifting overhead, gunshots in the distance...

          We have both had our first Pfizer shots so feel a bit safer.
          Allan Ostling

          Phoenix, Arizona


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            The world needs prayer!

            Plunger, I do hope you and your family stay safe. And I hope this comes to a peaceful end but with justice.
            Paul A.
            SE Texas

            And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
            You will find that it has discrete steps.


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              I've been a victim also in the past. After leaving everything behind in Mozambique in 1974, we went to South Africa. When tension started to build up in the beginning of the Eighties, my parents sold everything that could be sold, loaded up a 12 meter container with the rest and moved back to Europe. My uncle stayed for a few years more but, after a near death experience in broad daylight at an intersection were he was carjacked and was left almost naked behind, he also packed up and left.

              People ask if I don't miss and go back to visit but no, unfortunately, I prefer to keep my memories as it was when I left.
              Helder Ferreira
              Setubal, Portugal


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                Stay safe man!
                Looks like you cant rely on the police either...
                Are you armed at least?
                All the best,


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                  We are all concerned for your safety. Stay alert, and remember to always maintain a clear pathway out for you and your family should things go from bad to worse.
                  Good luck and God bless you.
                  S E Michigan


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                    Originally posted by OaklandGB View Post
                    . . .remember to always maintain a clear pathway out for you and your family. . .
                    That works sometimes, but likely impossible in this situation.

                    Southwest Utah


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                      Just remember the words of Roosevelt, Walk Softly and carry an AK 47. Superior firepower can deter an under motivated crowd, caught off guard, just out to cause trouble.
                      The shortest distance between two points is a circle of infinite diameter.

                      Bluewater Model Engineering Society at

                      Southwestern Ontario. Canada


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                        From a fellow South African who escaped earlier:


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                          I hope your hanging in there Plunger!
                          All the best,


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                            Wishing you well from down under.


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                              Plunger - Im hoping things turn around at least long enough to be stable enough for you to sell out and make a safe exit... nobody should have to live like that your in our thoughts and well wishes...


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                                Originally posted by loose nut View Post
                                Just remember the words of Roosevelt, Walk Softly and carry an AK 47. Superior firepower can deter an under motivated crowd, caught off guard, just out to cause trouble.
                                More or less true. They are a mob, not a trained, well coordinated fighting group. Firing off a volley that cripples as many as possible in the front of the group will deter those farther back who still value their ability to walk.