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O.T. Need XP guru help ... Evan & others ?

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  • O.T. Need XP guru help ... Evan & others ?

    A clean XP home system has just begun to exhibit a quirk where ctrl+alt+del does not bring up the task manager. Just holding ctrl+alt causes, after a short delay, a beep which repeats about once per second.

    I've run multiple virus and malware scanners, including several in safe mode, with nothing found. Supposedly Klez or Yaha infections can cause similar behavior but scans turn up nothing.

    I can still start task manager manually or use ctrl+shift+esc but it worries me a bit that something may be IN THERE that I haven't found.

    Has anyone seen this and/or cured it?

    One other thing, sticky keys are off and users are set up for fast switching and ctrl+alt+del is not required prior to login. I just use it to examine running tasks and kill occasional PITAs. Den

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    I can tell you what the problem is but not how to fix it. It was made by MS! My MS Word stopped working the other day on one of the two computers I run all day. It stopped working on the other computer a run all day a couple of years ago. Reformating the hard drive and reinstalling MS Word on the first computer failed to make MS Word work again. I solved my problem by, by down loading a FREE open sorce office package my son told me about. It appears to work better than MS Word, will read all the filles that I saved with MS Word, and it is not made by MS. Gary P. Hansen
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      So tell us where you got it. We all love MS. I for one would like not to have to depend on flakey software that only works when it wants to.

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      Drivers using cell phones do.


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        I got it from http:/ Gary P. Hansen
        In memory of Marine Engineer Paul Miller who gave his life for his country 7-19-2010 Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Freedom is not free, it is paid for with blood.


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          Open Office is more viable now than ever thanks to multi GHz PCs. It used to drag on slower machines.

          MS has created too much bloated trash and it's a wonder that these disjointed pieces of software work together as well as they do. One of the full scans I ran today included compressed files and in total 200,000 files were scanned ! In fairness, I do have a number of development tools on it that are large but still ...

          I'll wait for a solution


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            200,000 files! Don't you use your machine much?

            Norton counts over 550,000 on my machine, and I have some VERY large files on it, so the rest of the drive has a whole BUNCH of smaller files.

            Seriously, there is no reason that a reformatted drive would not operate any re-installed program. You are starting all fresh. If you have a bot sector virus, or one that can infect the BIOS, you COULD have a problem.

            I'd suggest you go into the BIOS and set the virus program to "Enabled", then do a re-format again and re-install. Can't get into my BIOS, just now, though I have one hooked to my KVM to do a repair on, to see exactly the verbiage, but there is an "Enable" option. It will get you a "Virus like activity attempting to write to the Boot Sector". Hit "C" for continue, it might ask if you want to 3 times. Do it.

            I don't use XP, just 2K and 98, but have installed XP for some of the people I help. No problem.

            Have fun,



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              Well, I'm quite sure that all the Microsoft bashing will really help to get this problem solved Seriously,why is it that whenever somebody ask a computer question,there are a hundred people bitching about Windows but nobody offering a solution?

              OK,I will tell you that I have never seen this occurrence before,regardless of which operating system the computer was running.My first suggestion to youwould be to shut the computer down,replace your keyboard with one from another computer,and fire it back up.There is a bit of chance that the keyboard could be the cause of this problem, not Windows.I had a friend who was experiencing jerky mouse movement on a fairly new Windows 2000 machine.He spent hours scanning for viruses or spyware,and could not find the problem.He was considering doing a format and reinstall,and called me to ask the best way to save all of his data.I told him to try a new blouse before he did this,and sure enough,his month old optical mouse was malfunctioning.

              If trying the new keyboard does not fix your problem,my next suggestion is to find a program called hijackthis and run it,but do not attempt to let it fix anything.The program can save you a lot of trouble used correctly,and cause you a lot of trouble if used incorrectly.When you are done running it, create a log and post the full text of that log here. Personally, I am betting there is a problem with the keyboard.



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                Chances are you have a virus of some sort. Many of them disable the task manager as well as the anti-virus software to prevent removal. The fact that scans show nothing is expected. Try a fresh install of AVG, update and then scan in safe mode. The virus usually attacks the anti-virus software when the virus first installs and a fresh install of AVG will usually undo the changes it made.
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                  Well I'll be darned !

                  After all my fussing with the system, registry and AV programs, it turns out to be a bad keyboard

                  The keyboard throws out the correct codes for the left CTRL or ALT keys but could not throw out the correct codes when one of those two was down.

                  Thanks for all of the suggestions, including dumping MS, my favorite one



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                    Heh. That's pretty uncommon. Althoug I a havin probles wit min latelu. I think i tie fr a nu on.
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                      And Evan cracks the 10,000 posts mark.


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                        Cool. I really didn't notice or I would have posted something really profound except I can't think of anything so the above will do.
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                          Was your keyboard marketed by Microsloth?
                          I cut it twice, and it's still too short!


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                            And I can vouch that 9,999 of Evans posts had much more valuable information than that last one did!

                            Way to go Evan! You are one member that I would very much enjoy meeting some day. Thanks for all your help.



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                              It's an Emachines branded keyboard made by Chicony. Actually, the key mappings somehow got corrupted and were fixed by a simple driver re-install. A bit of over-reaction to what looked like a virus symptom

                              Congratulations Evan. Your posts, especially those with project images, have been enjoyable.

                              You now get a free whopper with fries and a shake
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