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  • It's a beautiful thing!

    I had the great fortune to go to work for an old Navy aviation metalsmith, at my job at the university. Eventually, after he was confident in my ability to follow directions and the fact that I was eager to learn, I developed a professional idea sharing relationship with him. We would sit down with a new request to design something and a cup of coffee and "kick ideas around." We were not worried about whoes idea we used on what and were just enjoying the solving of problems in a team environment. This forum has some similarities to that environment that I enjoyed so much so long ago. There are so many specialties exhibited here in the projects that you guys are working on. I am always picking up on some little fix for a problem on my "things to do list." As for the occasional squables and pissing contests, it will happen any time you get so many creative minds together. This is what makes the forum so vanuable.

    Jim (KB4IVH)
    Jim (KB4IVH)

    Only fools abuse their tools.

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    That's cool when you can do that.
    I do a lot of work with a fellow who owns a lot of Gradalls.
    We build new buckets in a R+D situation.
    We're getting into some pretty complicated curved mouth stuff the last couple years.
    I just finished putting together a curved face that is almost twice as big as this one

    Very cool guy to work with. He doesn't care how long it takes to do the prototypes (within reason), always has very good welding equipment etc.
    The newest ones we are building, the front part (most of the curvy bits) are all made out of 1" thick T425.
    We bend it on a 100 ton press that he rents. For now...we aren't allowed to use any others in town anymore. We broke them
    I have tools I don't even know I own...