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thread sealer - a mini product review

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  • thread sealer - a mini product review

    I have an old portable air tank I knocked together from a 20 lb propane bottle back in '08 or so. Just pipe fittings and air fittings and one valve. My son lives in the next town and a tire on his van went flat, so I got out my old air tank and checked it out. Practically every single threaded connection leaked. Some leaked a tiny amount and some leaks were more significant. Anyway, I got a few new parts and started fixing it. It was not going well, just taping with teflon and cranking them together. So I went looking in my thread goop collection. I noticed a small bottle of Gasoila which I'd bought on someone's recommendation, probably from this forum come to think of it. Anyway, I shook up the bottle (way past its 1 year pull date) and started putting the joints together with Gasoila thread sealant. Every joint was leak free first time, every single one. Stuff was like magic.

    I don't like that it only has a one year shelf life, and I don't like the way it drips while I'm applying it, but boy, does it work. I used the blue soft set stuff in the one quarter pint bottle. If I could find I smaller bottle I'd suggest buying it that way unless you have a lot of threaded joints to do.

    Here's one source:

    So that's my little review.


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    Thanks for that, always good to see when a product works so well. Never mind getting a recommendation from someone you can trust and not just some ad agencies hype.
    I have seen it on the shelf before and never tried it, now I know.
    I believe it's also available in a 2 oz. tube.
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      If I need a guaranteed leak-free pipe threaded joint (inside a non-accessible wall, say) I always use both tape and paste. Never had one leak that way.


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        I always use goop. Maybe 1 out of every many leaks. Guys at work use tape and goop. If you can have only 1, goop it is.
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          When I learned about Pipe Dope I stopped using tape.

          I would never use both on the same joint,

          Engines have open holes into the hot water jacket. A good sealant is needed there. I have a preference. JR