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Stark lathe in NJ- Free to good home

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  • Stark lathe in NJ- Free to good home

    I bought a Stark a few years ago with the what I think was the original plywood table. It was outfitted with a modern, but rudimentary, drive system that came from another brand/type machine. The lathe itself has not been modified. It was functional when I bought it. I removed the lathe from the table and put it on the back of my work table as a display. I put a 1/8" steel plate on top of the table and used is as a work table. The drive system that was on it is now stored somewhere near or underneath the table. It's all in the garage of my condo in Bedminster NJ. I'm selling the condo. The lathe, along with some micrometers and maybe some related sundries needs to go. PM me if you want it. I'm in CA. You will have to coordinate with my tenant when you go get it.


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    Bedminster NJ

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    That’s very generous Roland. I get a lot of use from my Hardinge Cataract which is I believe quite similar. Handy when not wanting to change setup on the bigger machine. Here’s one application where I direct drive with a half horsepower dc motor. No low rpm needed with smaller dia work and no low speed threading gears when there is no carriage so the only sacrifice is with the horsepower needed when drilling bigger holes and I haven’t missed it.