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Any info on these Clamps.?

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  • Any info on these Clamps.?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210716_175220.jpg
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ID:	1952197 I have a question. The srew to tighten goes into a pivot block, but pops out, when not under load. Dont know jf its normal or a spri Click image for larger version

Name:	20210716_175249.jpg
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ID:	1952198 ng or clip is missing ?
    if I knew the brand I could research them. I promised them to a buddy..
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    no pics


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      I see the two images.
      I thought Carver Clamp, but not quite the same:


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        Check the hole the tensioner goes through to see if it has full threads or if it has threads on one side at the top and the other side at the bottom. Fast action screw, tilt the block and slip it until it is nearly tight, then let it tilt the other way so the threads engage and tighten it.


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          They will only tighten under load.
          For any application imaginable, it isn't an issue.
          SE MI, USA


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            The screw is aporox 7/8 dia. With a smooth part about 1/4 inch dia or less sticking out about 7/16 or so.
            that pit in the pivot block, and the end if the screw turns against the block.. will try to get a pic.

            when slackened off the pin portion , comes out of the block (nothing holds it) then the jaw and the oart with screw start moving all over.... not connected to each other.
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              Got them figured out. Pivot has a thru hole , one shaft had internal thread, so i used a bolt and washers.
              so one is fixed. I may keep the smaller one, its light. The bigger one is aprox 6lbs or maybe more.. Click image for larger version

Name:	20210718_153505.jpg
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                I have some, similar..

                Bar clamp. They dont bight till there is some pressure, I like them. JR

                Edit: Mine are the Sweads Very nice clamps.. JR
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