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  • Surface Grinding Wheels

    I'm ready to place an order for 7 inch grinding wheels and was looking for some input on which are the best to have on hand regarding type, grit and hardness. I have a few china version wheels which will go to the scrap heap before they blow up. Also, two from Enco, made in USA version. Are these acceptable or should I go for Norton? I do not do a lot of grinding but probably will now that I'm getting time to work on my own projects.

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    If yo actually using them for surface grinding I use 80 and 120 grit,white AOX with a "J" hardness.They have worked the best for me without any suprises.
    A soft AOX in about a 50-60 grit is also good for rough grinding hard steels I find.
    Any of the US made wheels are good,Norton is good and some of the foreign made wheels are good.Recently got some in made in Israel,good wheels at a good price.Don't remeber the brand name,but KBC sells them.
    Hope this helps.
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      Grinding Wheels

      Personally I prefer ones made by Cincinnati Milacron as they are marked which way to mount as they are pre balanced at the factory, I bought mine from "Travers Tool" .
      Top quality wheels IMO.



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        pushing this thread along a bit, any recommendations for grinding soft steel? ie 1018 or 12L14 whatever i'm using (can't remember offhand) works well on hardened stuff, but does not leave the nicest finish on soft. iirc you want a hard wheel for soft material, right? any recomendations for something easy to find, ie kbc etc?



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          Surface Grinding Wheels

          I am sure it all depends on what you are doing the most grinding on. In the last few years I did the most of my surface grinder time on sharpening end mills. The two wheels that we had around were the white, Aluminum Oxide type, in 46 grit and 100 grit. If I had to take a lot of material off I would rough grind with the 46 grit and finish the cutting edges with the 100 grit. It was a much harder wheel and would load up badly if you tried to take lots of material off with it. The 46 grit required dressing pretty often but did a good job. The 100 grit gave the best finish for cutting edges. I never was able to afford the cintered borazon nitride or diamond but maybe someday. If you take care of the wheels and store them properly they will last a long time. The tool and die shop I worked in years ago got several years out of each wheel. They had a dozen surface grinders going 12-18 hours a day.

          One interesting thing I remembered about grinding wheels that ties in with a previous thread. We got a job to finish a set of dies for some trim moulding that had been designed and started by a big shop up in Detroit. They had used W-1 for all of their die steel. It was so darned hard that normal grinding wheels would not touch it. The company called in the engineers from Norton to come up with a wheel composition that would cut the stuff. What they came up with was the same (grey) wheel that is common on bench grinders. It was a 60 grit and was a little harder than the usual wheels we were used to.

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            Stephen k Along with already has been said i also like a Nortonn 32A-46GVBEP, this is a soft ,porious wheel that always ran cool for me , difficult jobs as grinding off excess hard weld from die details and it was my favorite for grinding a mag in. again nice and cool running. it was always refered to as a popcorn wheel around the shop because that is what it looked like.

            The other extreme is bay states 9A80L-v52. This is a rock hard wheel that will holds a real nice sharp corner. for ex. grinding a keyway in a hardened shaft, dress wheel to proper width say .250 theh plunge but only take .0002-.0003 per recipation. .or just generally side wheeling a slot. Chris
            Ypsilanti mich