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Jacobs headstock chuck

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  • Jacobs headstock chuck

    Do any of you know where to find a Jacobs (or equivalent)hollow headstock chuck? I have an Atlas/Craftsman 12" lathe with a 1 1/2"-8 tpi spindle. Thanks.

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    check ebay. these appear somewhat frequently
    59B is the p/n


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      Jacobs seems to have stopped making these, but as gvasale points out, they are fairly common used.

      Also try "the usual suspects" list of used machinery dealers who advertise in HSM: Dave Sobel, Plaza Machinery, Meridian Machinery....
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        I had one on my Atlas 6 x 18 and they are as handy as a pocket on your shirt--almost as good as having a set of collets up to 1/2" capacity.


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          I have both the 58B and 59B. There is a 59B now on eBay @

          The 59B chucks from 3/16" to 3/4".
          The 58B chucks from 1/8" to 5/8". Bear in mind that for long objects the ID of your spindle is your limiting factor.
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