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  • O/T Computer Question For Evan

    Evan, I'm having a serious senior moment. Can you give me a brief overview on doing a system backup, please. My OS is Windows XP. Thanks
    John B

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    The only practical way to do a true system backup is to have a second hard drive the same size as the system drive. Norton ghost will make an exact image of the drive on the backup drive. The second drive can be an external drive or an internal depending on if you want to take it off site. Some of the machines I sell now have front connectors for serial ATA drives which makes backup extremely fast. If something goes bad then the backup drive can be installed in place of the original system drive and you are running again.

    However, you don't really need to do a true backup unless it is imperative that a failure be recoverable as quickly as possible. All you really need to back up is the data that you can't easily replace, e-mails, pictures and documents etc. All the rest is easy enough to install again if something eats the drive. Either CD-R or DVD-ROM are good for that. CDs are dirt cheap and also have the advantage of giving you a "go-back" archive.
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      If you have XP Home Edition then the Backup utility is NOT installed by default. You'll have to manually install it from the original disks. Here's a link to help: may not have the original disks if your computer came with XP Home Edition already installed and, as far as I know, you'll either have to buy a utility or find a free one via the internet.

      XP Professional does not have this problem and the utility should be installed by default.


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        Thanks Evan and Mike, I do have Norton Ghost so I guess I'll just do that. The reason I was asking was I planned to download a cleanup utility and reading the prelimary information, they strongly recommended backing up prior to running it.

        The program is Cleanup 4.0.

        Again thanks so much!!!!!!
        John B