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    Like 754 I don't like to share the prices I've paid for machines or tooling. I did mention some prices many years ago and got comments like "you're lying", or "only a fool would sell whatever for that price". I spent a lifetime in the design and fabrication business and have a number of friends still in the business. They know what I'm looking for and occasionally tip me off to a business or individual selling something I've been looking for.

    Before going into a deal I know what the seller is asking. It's my job to determine if whatever I'm buying is worth the asking price. I rarely dicker on price. If I think the seller is reasonable I buy the machine or tooling. If I think the price is too high for the condition of the machine I just thank them for the opportunity to look at it and move on. I have run into situations where I went to look at one machine and was offered others at reasonable prices as well. In a few cases I took advantage of the offers, but in most cases the machines would have been duplicates of those I already had, or ones that would take up a huge amount of floor space and see very little run time.

    Markets are different across the country. Prices that seem normal in one area might seem outrageously high in another. I've seen cases where similar machines in similar condition have had asking prices in one area double the asking price in another. A good example is surface plates. In the Midwest it isn't uncommon to see a 24" x 36" granite plate with an asking price of $100.00 to $200.00. The same plate in the western or south eastern states often has an asking price of double or triple that of the Midwest.

    Are those buying in the west or south east getting screwed, or is the guy buying in the Midwest screwing the seller? I don't think either is the case. They're both paying market price for their area. Its the old law of supply and demand. In areas where a product is plentiful the prices are generally lower. In areas of little supply and high demand prices are generally higher. If the guy in the Midwest wanted to pay more for the same product he could travel to either of the other mentioned regions buy the plate and take it home. The same applies to those in the west or south east. If they think the prices in their area are too high they can travel to an area where the prices are cheaper and make a purchase there


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      Its pretty hard not to throw in the retail price, without making it look like bragging.
      A lot of estate type situations , the former aquaintaces show there true colors.... from outright lying about value of stuff, to sometimes lying and saying it was promised to you .. when sometimes it was not. . Some " freinds " can be very disrespectful..
      it is nice when selling off a loved ones stuff, to have a few positive experiences.... and to see people showing appreciation.,


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        Originally posted by projectnut View Post
        I'm betting the daughter of the person that passed was more interested in clearing out things she had no use for rather than trying to raise money. I'm also sure that if anyone responding went to a garage sale and found the same lamp for the same price they would have thought they got a great deal. The sale could have very well been for the same reasons, but the buyer wouldn't have known it.

        Should my wife outlive me I'm sure the same thing will happen. She has no interest in the machines or the tools, and would ask rock bottom prices just to get them out of the house. As far as I know you can't take them with you so why begrudge someone who has interest in them and is willing to give them a new home. About the only other options are a wholesale dealer, a scrapper, or a landfill.
        Yeah from what I've seen most garage sales are not so much about making money as they are about saving as much as possible on disposal costs later on by getting rid of not needed stuff in advance.


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          Perhaps I’m odd, I’d have given more if it were a friend, don’t know what to say


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            Some people here are acting like I stole his gold teeth right out of his mouth at the funeral or worse that I took his lathe out the back door and skipped out. It was an old dirty worn lamp and frankly I probably over paid for it. It really doesn't matter if you like what I did or not, I don't care. Some of you guys need to take some cheap drugs and mellow out. Life is to short to worry about $#!+ like this.

            Nuff Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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