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    Originally posted by kendall View Post

    With street engines it was rare to run into the problem except when neglected. It mostly showed up during extended high RPM runs.
    In other words, unless your last name is Glidden, you don't have to worry about it.


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      Originally posted by JRouche View Post

      "Pie in the Sky"

      That was from way back. You will do just as I have done. Build up for the project (pie in the sky) and never get to it. Dont be that, Me. Mr,,, JR
      Way too late for that. If I wanted to fix that issue, I’d sell out of my machine tools 100% and take up mackerel fishing at the pier in Maine with my spare time.


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        Originally posted by nickel-city-fab View Post

        What really shocked me was finding out that a lot of our produce is grown overseas...
        at least in the "value" stores. The places where you save money.

        The higher-end stores in my area use local farmers, but they aren't trying to be cheap.
        You can tell by what kind of cars are in the parking lot
        And by the looks of the women going in and out of there

        Kind of like iron.
        Its cheaper to ship it halfway around the world than it is to make it here.

        We demand fresh produce every month of the year. You can get cantaloupes in January because we'll pay farmers in Chile to grow them.


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          Winter is about half the reason for sauerkraut, kimchee, and canned goods. How to get vegetables in winter.

          Now, it can be by shipping in from an area with opposite seasons.

          Keep eye on ball.
          Hashim Khan

          Everything not impossible is compulsory


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            I’ve flown Cherries from Washington state to China. The best damn cherries I’ve ever had.


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              Originally posted by RB211 View Post
              I’ve flown Cherries from Washington state to China. The best damn cherries I’ve ever had.
              We were at the Michigan cherry festival one year and they had to import the cherries from Washington state because of a cold spring that kept the local ones from ripening in time.