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    Originally posted by Black Forest View Post
    I bought a Makita battery powered grease gun. It is my favorite tool in the shop. It has taken over from my belt grinder and fixturing table. We have a lot of machines on the farm that needed greasing. Lots of the locations of the grease zerts are hard to get to and then require and octopus to hold this and pump that. With this $300 grease gun my life just got exponentially better and also my machines. We go through cases of grease cartridges in the course of a year. Between the forest equipment, farm equipment and lawn maintenance equipment we spend a lot of time greasing machines. This cuts the time down by at least half and is actually fun to do. Maybe now my operators will grease their equipment more often.
    I had no idea that grease gun was that big. I guess I expected to see something smaller. At least they were smart enough to give you about 6' of hose with it.



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      Originally posted by Doozer View Post

      I use Mobil 1 synthetic red grease on many of my things.
      Before I discovered Kluber grease, I used Mobil 1 synthetic
      grease on my lathe spindle bearings.

      I use Texas Refinery Corp grease. It's better quality than Mobil 1.
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        I thought Mobile 1 is a state highway in Alabama.