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Help needed for information on a micrometer

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  • Help needed for information on a micrometer

    There has been a thread on the Model Engineer forum in the UK about an unusual micrometer. Any help on this forum as to how it works and is used would be appreciated.
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    I don't know anything about that mic but what I find unusual is the screw type hinges and hardware they used on a plastic case.



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      Looks like a comparator style mic. They all have that rest on them attached to the frame. The graduated part sticking out is probably the indicator. Generally they have to be set/calibrated with an item of known size like a gage block. Then they can be used to check multiple sizes. Best to keep a gage block near your finish size handy if you want to be right on the money so you can check the accuracy from time to time while working.
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        There was a micrometer that included a thing called a “ fiducial indicator” basically replacing the friction thimble with a spring inside so that constant measurement force was guaranteed, I suspect this looks to be a version, it’s pretty though,