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    Originally posted by Willy View Post

    Never tried lanolin, I wonder how that would work?
    I have some Locktite food grade anti-seize for SS that I acquired from a welder buddy of mine that was doing some work at a cheese plant and I believe that the main ingredient is molybdenum.
    Did not think molybdenum was safe to ingest, but I don't know everything.



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      Originally posted by Doozer View Post

      Did not think molybdenum was safe to ingest, but I don't know everything.

      Yes I too thought it strange, never thought to look it up until now.

      Look at primary additive.

      This got me looking a little deeper.

      Molybdenum is an essential trace element that is naturally present in many foods and is also available as a dietary supplement.
      They say that a day is wasted if you don't learn something new.
      Well I guess I can now put that grease gun with moly grease in the kitchen and give myself a pump or two of my daily moly supplement this morning.

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          Quote "Originally posted by ikdor View Post
          I've seized SS hardware just by running a nut on by hand. They were new though which makes it more likely.

          Yep. You need to get grease or never-seez on there to "poison" the surface."

          I work in a clean room environment and We are asked to clean all the components with a de-greaser solvent before assembling. We had major problems with many galling stainless fasteners. I think the galling issue is more likely to happen when the fasteners are new or they have cleaned. The old fasteners with some oxidation formed on the surface seems to be less likely to bind. When I take apart some stainless fasteners and I feel some friction between the two, I stop immediately and spray some penetrating oil and move the fasteners back and forth until the penetrating oil seep inside and then it will unscrew without completely welding its self together, which is a good thing in a clean room, we can't use grinders.
          Because of our clean environment we can't use molybdenum, antiseize etc......... but now they have allowed us to use a silicone base vacuum grease and very little of it. It has worked well so far.