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  • Common Courtesy

    As of the posting of this topic, Ken Garver has received approx $31 to cover the cost of lost books which are valued at $192. So, IMHO it is only common courtesy for those who haven't done so to pony up a buck! That's the least we can do for Ken, who has been priceless throughout this entire ordeal!

    John B
    John B

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    Please reprint your mailing address and I'll get a buck out to you.



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      Hi All,

      For those of you who need my address again it is:

      Ken Garver
      304 Monroe Ave.
      Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481-1956
      United States of America

      If each one sends just one dollar it will cover all of the costs of the lost books almost perfectly. I thank you in advance for helping me defray this unforseen cost.



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        Even though I didn't participate in the offer, if you continue to come up short, let me know, and I'll send a $1. I've followed this thread so long that I feel like I was part of the group




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          Hi Gang! It's me again! I just got email from Ken and he has confirmed that to date he has received $31! the previous post to this one is someone who didn't even get the book and is still sending Ken a buck. Please take a moment to stick a dollar into an envelope and get it off to Ken. I don't think any of us would like to be in the red $200 bucks.

          John B
          John B


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            I will tell you guys what, I sent in my money plus for this dollar to help Ken. I was one of those who the book never arrived during the first mailing. I have my book now. I am willing to send Ken more money to help with the costs. Ken has gone out of his way in this matter, so we should all help him. How many of you guys want to do something like this book out of the goodness of your hearts?

            Who ever sends the largest amount to help Ken, I will send them the names and addresses of my lady friends in Paris. How is that for a bonus. If somebody anonymously covers all of Ken's costs, I will even post the ladies pictures, sorry they aren't nudes.