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  • neat machine on ebay

    stumbbled apon a neat machine on ebay

    how well would the horizontal part work on this machine

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    What a cobbled up P O S. Clean the rest off the Mill drill ,and you have a cheap mill drill.(at this point)


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      I'd like to have that horizontal head but it'd never be mounted like that.
      I'm betting it'd chatter like crazy. Lots of overhang, no outboard arm support and it's attached to a swinging arm of some sort. Maybe he just used it for drilling bolt patterns in longer stuff. Or maybe he used it the one time...then he found out how bad it shuddered when the endmill sunk in for it's first big bite.
      Looks like he put a lot of thought into it but he sort of executed it backwards. Goes from light and probably shaky to heavy.
      I'm no machine designer but this thing does look kind of cobbled up alright.
      I'd like to see if it actually works or if he never "got it perfected"
      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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        It looks like a good candidate for a foot switch so if and when it all binds up and you need to run at least the machine will shut off.
        My .02


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          The colum and adjustable spindle height on the horizontal attachment reminds me of the Gingery milling machine. Of course Gingery didn't have that long spindle and quill hanging off the setup in his books