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    I have an ENCO BP clone (model 100) that I purchased before I found this forum. Now I know I should have searched for a "real" BP, but, alas, I have what I have.

    Here's the question - In order to remove/install a tool, I have to apply the spindle brake and put the mill in backgear, should the spindle brake have enough friction to hold without the backgear?


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    Short answer yes.Usually the brake lining is either worn out or the wrong stuff I bonded some fabric reinforced rubber to mine with some 3-m super weather strip glue and counter sunk rivits.I usually don't use the brake for changing tools though I prefer to use the backgears instead just easier for me.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Fred: Don't kick your enco too much. I recently helped get one going and took it apart to parade rest. There was some crude work in there, the oiler was not working under the table (check and make sure the table ways and screws are actualy getting oil. Once reassembled it does fine. I was impressed, and I suspect the newer model havebetter quality controls (his was well over 25 years old i think).