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Grizzly Scratch and Dent Sale?

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  • Grizzly Scratch and Dent Sale?

    Is anyone on here planning on going to the scratch and dent sale in Bellingham, Wa May 13th? It is a 4 and half hour drive one way for me but I am thinking about it. If you have attended before is it worth the drive? I am going to look at a couple of mills I like the dual purpose of the G3617 but I wanted more X travel. On several ocasions using my Rong-FU mill/drill I have been short on X travel and the G3617 adds about 4" but if I go with one of their 9 X 42 models I will gain 12" which would have been great on past projects but that model does not have the Horizontal feature that I think would be nice. I am still not sold on going import for my new mill but my search for a good used BP is getting old.

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    I have been to the tent sale in Muncy, PA several times. I havn't bought anything at the sale yet. Their perception of scratch and dent is vastly different from mine. I commonly have seen machines that have been broken beyond repair and then raped for parts while sitting in a warehouse. Maybe, just maybe, if you are lucky they might have what you're looking for in usable condition. But, don't bet on it. I usually end up inside the store and spending some money there though.
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      Maybe yes, Maybe no

      I have been to the Muncy, PA tent sales. I would say get there early, because if the machine for sale is any where near "ready to run" condition it will be sold in the first hour. Everything is sold "as is" with no warrenty. Most of the tags will tell what is wrong with the machine, but it may not be complete, or someone may have switched the tags (changed a "lower price tag to a "better" condition machine). Years ago people would race to "claim" all the machine tags, then go back and look more closely to choose the "best". Griz has been making changes to prevent those types of problems. You may be able to find a discontinued machine, but they are also listed on the Griz website. I have purchased machines at the sales, but they all have required work and parts to get them operational. Some of the smaller items can be found at a "good price", but you have to look carefully, to make sure you have a "bargin", because there may be several "identical" items with different prices. If you have your own truck and/or trailer it may be worth it to go.
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        Well, you can look for the "precision level" I returned to them.....

        You'll know it. When I returned it, it had the blue still on it where it sat unsteadily on 3 corners atop my granite flat

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          I figure what I am looking for probably won't be on sale but I was hoping to look at the machines I am interested in. I have never been there do they normally have these machines on display? I figure I will probably find something I can't live without while I am there. I am not sure how to go about getting the machine when bought into my shop. My mill drill I rented a engine hoist to place it on its stand. I am not sure how to move a 9X42 mill I thought about renting a forklift but I have a 7' garage door to go through I am not sure a forklift will fit through it. I guess I could dissassemble it and set it up with an engine hoist is that how most folks do it?


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            Only need a pinch bar, and two 1" bars, or pipes to move a bridgeport.
            Keep the fork truck outside.


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              I was there last year.........

              The Bellingham Tent sale was huge last year. My neighbor, Chuck, was interested in a Milling Machine. I'd been to the showroom before, and since Chuck didn't want to buy blind, we chose to go on the tent sale weekend.

              The thing is so big, you had to drive a couple miles to a remote parking area and take a shuttle bus back to the tent. Evedentley the line to get in starts forming several hours before opening time. We got there, to the tent, about 15 min. after opening time and all the machines had sold tags on them except for a few woodwhacking machines. There were a couple long tables with small items on them and the guys with grocery carts were 3 deep pawing thru the stuff. We went inside the showroom and looked at the machine Chuck was interested in [a 9x42, if I remember correctly.]

              Not too likely I'll go to another.

              By the way, there were no Milling Machines at the tent sale last year....
              About 6 1/2 or 7 hours from here, hell, I might not even drive across town if it were here.

              Hope this helps, TC
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                Thanks Tim,
                In their regular show room do they have most of the mills they sell on display?
                I just lost out on another BP on ebay this one was 2 hours from me so I could go pick it up. It was for sale by Washington State but I found out about it too late to go inspect it. The ebay discription was bad and the pictures not very good so I bid $1553 on it I would have gone higher if I would have known the condition but the listing didn't even gurantee it ran. Either someone got a screaming deal or it was a fixer it went for $1575 no dro but it did have a power feed. it was a J head unknown HP it wasn't listed.


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                  In Muncy they have just about every thing in the catalog displayed, plus things that are too new for the catalog. The sales people are very friendly(not pushy). The store is set up like the S&H Greenstamp places were.

                  If you go to a tent sale, get there early, and act/decide fast. I think Bellingham could be even "better/worse" than Muncy, as it is the HQ store.

                  I try to get up to Muncy about four times a year, with the tent sale being one date. Having you own truck, saves on the shipping. Being willing to "rebuild" also helps, you maybe able to find a "bigger" machine that needs TLC at the tent sale for the same price as a "new" smaller machine dropped at your doorstep. My lathe and mill are both tent sale machines, The lathe will run, it was mostly sheet metal damage and missing accessaries, the mill on the other hand, needs much work to make it go, but the price was "too good" to run my truck home with empty space.
                  Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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                    I am leaning towards going and looking and if I like what I see I will buy if not oh well.


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                      Gundog, Last year they had most if not all of the Milling Machines on display.
                      Chuck got the G9901, I think. It's roughly the same size as my BP. He seems to like it alot.

                      One thing to remember is to call ahead and see if all the machines you might be interested in are in stock. That is if you want to take it home with you.

                      I cut it off twice; it's still too short
                      Oregon, USA


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                        I too have given up on the used BP market around here and had settled on getting one of the Grizzly mills as I'm about 2.5 hours south of the Bellingham store. Saturday morning had the trailer all hooked up and ready to go. Went to their website for address/driving directions, and on a whim decided to check store hours for a Saturday. Guess what? They are not open on Saturday or Sunday.

                        Kind of hard to sell equipment if you are not open on one or both of the two days that many home shop guys have off to go do this stuff! No telling what I would have done if I drove all the way up there with the trailer only to find out that they were not open...