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    I have a new lathe in the shop. An Ikegai 20 by 60, mid sixties vintage.Interested parties can see pictures and description on E-bay #7593280533.
    A very unusual feature is the use of CNC style ball shafting to power the carriage and cross feed. Both of which have mechanical counters to keep track of movement,no apparant backlash.
    The lathe arrived with all the important accessories, 3 and four jaw chucks(D6),steady rest, taper attachment.face plate, a Snap Tap theading kit ( allows for automatic retraction of the thread tool), and the seller threw in a 12" rotary table.
    I will have to figure out some method of three phase generation, rotary phase converter or VFD are my first choices.
    What I really need are the operators manual, parts list and wiring diagrams. Any help would be appreciated
    Needless to say, this is some step up from my Atlas 12 by 36. I have only been able to figure out about what half of the controls do.
    I have been told this lathe is comparable to a Mori-Seki and it shows in the quality and features and weight,6500 lbs.
    I thought Torker would get a kick outof this, Doug