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  • Sparks!

    Is it normal to have sparks coming of the tip of the cutting tool when turning?

    Material is 1018 CRS, 1.5" diameter, running at 1180 RPM, feed is by hand crank.

    Cutting tool is C6 carbide, coated.

    The insert doesn't seem to be damaged, but I don't understand the sparks, and wonder if it is some kind of tiny inclusions (can't see them) in the metal.
    Lynn S.

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    sparks is not uncommon , a little oil will turn the sparks into smoke.


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      SPARKS? Yikes! Try a deeper cut or check your tool clearance angle. Might be rubbing.


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        The setup is the same as I've used on other pieces of 1018, and I haven't seen the sparks, unless it's just one, and I assumed it hit a piece of junk. If I see a spark from 1018 using HSS tooling, I know I just lost the tip of the tool.

        I got this piece at MetalSupermarkets, so it shouldn't be mystery metal. I'm thinking it's some kind of junk in the metal, but I can't see it. I really don't like 1018.
        Lynn S.