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I build a new workshop (pics.)

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  • I build a new workshop (pics.)

    As some of you know I like to build minature engines, but that doesn't mean the workshop has to be minature also

    My previus shop was about 4 mآ²

    My new shop is approx. 13 mآ²

    Some of you help me with opinions on placing the window, as you can see the result was a window on the side of the workbench, allready now I feel this is a good sulution - thanks for youe help
    Mogens Kilde

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    Smashing I like it very much I wish you a long life and good health to enjoy.Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      That looks good. I am curious, what is the price of building materials in Denmark? For example, how much is the lumber? Also, that looks like standard nominal 2x4" framing. Is that the case or are they a metric dimension?
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        Originally posted by Evan
        Is that the case or are they a metric dimension?
        -They measure lumber in hectares per linear deciliter over there.

        Seriously, not a bad jump in space. I started out in a big, but cluttered shop, moved to a folding table in an apartment, from there to a small garage with attached neighbors that complained if I ran anything louder than a Dremel after 9:00 pm, and finally back to a big shop that's not so cluttered.

        Well, actually, it has just as much stuff as the cluttered shop, but now it's not clutter. It's "raw materials" and "potential tools".

        Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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          Nice shop! I see they are much more liberal about building codes over there too. The slab contact wood, window header and single top rail wouldn't get past inspection in most areas here.

          Way too much floor space showing. You better start "stocking" up.


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            That is a very nice,well lit shop you have there,I am sure you will enjoy it.

            Like Evan I am also interested in the framing specs used.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              That's nice! It's a joy to move into a clean & spacious work shop.

              Add my name to the list of requests for a short lesson about European lumber dimension standards.


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                Very Nice

                Nice photo of your new shop. Someday ill figure out how to post pics. Enjoy your new shop its very nice.


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                  Thanks for all the kind words to all of you

                  The dimesions on lumber is actually funny here in denmark, as we ( like in the US) officially use metric dimension, and the framing is build by 100x50mm lumber , the roof support is 125x50mm - but when speaking of such a project with someone, you will talk about 4"x2" and 5"x2" inch lumber

                  Well the price of lumber here in Denmark is approximately 2$ / meter for a 4"x2" planed ( I dont know if this word goes, but its when the wood is smooth and without splinters ) wood
                  Mogens Kilde


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                    Well, 50x100 is about the same as 2"x4" so it seems to be the same. I'll be buying some lumber this weekend so we will see what the price is here. Keep in mind I will buy it direct from the sawmill just a few kilometers down the road from me.
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                      Nice looking new shop. Must be great to have some room for moving around. Enjoy the empty area while it lasts, shop space always "clutters up" way too fast.
                      Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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                        If you buy lumber direct from the sawmill is it kiln dried?
                        "four to tow, two to go"


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                          Here in the US, when we buy a "two by four" it's not really 2 inches by 4 inches, but 1-1/2 X 3-1/2. So when you buy a 100 X 50, is it really 100mm X 50mm, or is it also smaller?


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                            That dedicated workshop must be luxury after your previous wee room.
                            Are your building codes quite casual for sheds/garages? They are changing the codes here, becoming stringent. The reason?Wet building syndrome don`t you know; funny thing is that it was unknown before new building practices/materials were introduced a decade or two ago.
                            However I digress, your shed is a credit to you. There is nothing else like having your own space to retire to.



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                              If you buy lumber direct from the sawmill is it kiln dried?
                              I buy my lumber from Alvin. He has a small operation not far from my place although not that small, several employees. It's nothing like the huge mills we have here that produce millions of BF per day.

                              He air drys all his wood as he doesn't have a kiln. He also doesn't pick out the select grade pieces since he doesn't (and can't) ship to Japan. Because he doesn't kiln dry he can't ship outside of BC since kiln drying is the only way to ensure pest control. When you buy 2 and better from Alvin you really do get the "better" pieces. He sells at whatever the market price for the grade is for the day but he also accepts cash only(wink ). Also, air dried is nicer wood. It stays the way you bought it instead of curling up into a potato chip later. He also doesn't mind if you are picky about the pieces.
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