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machining a tailstock feedscrew.

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    Originally posted by plunger View Post
    As some of you may know Im trying to help a mate fix his old southbend nine lathe. Living in S Africa its not a simple task of buying stuff off ebay. Ive made good progress on this lathe with many learning curves such as line boring and making backplates etc.
    My next problem is that the tailstock seems to have a homemade feedscrew . If you wind the handle clockwise the tailstock goes backwards. I would like to make a new feedscrew and tailstock nut.
    Does anyone know the original dimensions and pitch etc of the tailstock. Also seeing that we live in S Africa and dont understand the outdated imperial system does it matter if I do this in metric using a 60 degree v thread or would it be a compromise compared to a acme or trapezoidal thread.
    I also found this intersting and wonder what the thought are of the members on this forum. This guy 3d prints a crosslide nut for a southbend. What do you think. Would it work. I cant 3d print so its just for curiosity sake.
    Today is the coldest day of the year so far. I cant believe how cold it is. Yesterday was 36 degrees and today its 12 degrees. Its gonna be hard to get into the workshop.
    freedom units or celsius on them temps there?


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      Originally posted by psomero View Post

      freedom units or celsius on them temps there?