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A question about my Cole Drill

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  • A question about my Cole Drill

    I just picked up a Cole Drill on ebay. My question is, can anyone tell me hoe to remove the ratchet handle so that I can attach a 1/2" drill motor? I imagine I'll have to make an adapter to chuck in the drill and also attach to the spindle, but I dont want to mess anything up trying to get the handle off. Thanks.

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    You have got to be kidding,right?

    OK sorry, its your drill do what you want to with it ,but I wouldn't mess with a good thing.You may run into problems.
    Sorry,this does not answer your question, but is advice.


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      Cole Drill

      I recall the optional motor drive in the ads for the cole drill years ago. Look on internet and approach the seller manufacturer for instructions. Perhaps left hand thred form is holding it together. Good Luck


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        As I read in TMBR, the ability to attach a 1/2" drill motor is a feature of the cole drill. I just want to know how it is to be done properly. I'm not going to be messing it up, I'm a bit smarter than that.


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          All I am saying is I don't recall mine haveing bearings.


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            There are no bearings.

            To answer the original question: The rachet gear or whatever it's called unscrews and the handle will come with it. It's tight! Just grip the gear snugly in a vise and turn the chuck shaft. Watch that you don't loose the pawl pin and spring that's in the handle.

            Forgot to mention: To drive the Cole with a drill, remove the handle and make a chuck adapter to thread on in place of the handle and gear. Chuck up the adapter in your drill chuck and have at it. I'd put flats on the adapter so you can get IT back off.
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              Hey Mo! You want to sell one of your V-blocks? Mine is missing.