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Lurker Posts Part III

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  • Lurker Posts Part III

    Let's do a little experiment here. Let's welcome all new members to post a project and/or pictures to let THEM shine for awhile. There is an atmosphere in this forum to listen to and obey laws written by certain "Gods" of wisdom with massive experience; so they say. I believe some of what I read here because I personally have lived it, but that does not make everything believeable. I question alot of articles because it's out there in "left field". At this time, I will not give examples of half-truths.....unless you force me to. SOOOOO; it's time to hear from ALL new members. Bring it on, don't be embarassed about what you may not know at this time. Just spill the beans and say what you feel and think. You might be surprised that some of us will agree with you. This is alot more than questions and answers; so have at it and have a good time!

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    Mostly a lurker

    I have read the lurker posts and how nice it would be to get people to post without having slams. Well a few days ago I posted what I thought would be a workable good idea. A few replies were fair replies but one sugested I quit smoking dope and go outside. Sure invites future lurkers to post.