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  • Heads up on a quality DRO

    I just wanted to let everyone know that if their looking to find a quality little DRO with glass scales and a few frills like bolt hole calculator and such to check out the Jenix units that Tim Barnard sells, I just put one on my JVM-8-36 jet and am very pleased with the quality (its south korea) and performance, the scales register to 2/10ths and the unit is built very well and I dont think you will find a better price anywhere, Tim sells these units off of E-bay and also has his own website that im pretty sure you can get to off of E-bay or at least ask him questions should the unit selling on e-bay not be the right one for your machine due to scale size or other preference, Just go to e-bay and punch in Jenix DRO to check it out, Now that i have it I cant imangine running my machine without it!

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    Who do you think you're dealing with here? The first post, and you plug this thing shamelessly. GO AWAY! BEFOR I SIC THOR ON YA!
    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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      Mine from CDCO is better.and cheaper.

      So go peddal your stuff elswhere, or ask V/P for ad prices


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        Logged on a couple of months ago and someone put in a positive about the Jenix, so i checked it out and ended up buying it,,, so I registered today to do the same because i appreciated someone steering me in the right direction, I checked out CDCO long before i decided on my Jenix but declined because of country of origin and only 5/10ths resolution --- Sorry, ohhh --- who do I think im dealing with??? Do you really want me to answer that?!!!
        Good god, no offence fella's but i hope thors got it going on a little more than you two, i barely had enough umph to lift my fingers and type this...


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          AK Boomer,
          If what you say is true you must understand how it looks to the rest of us. If you are just a happy user stick around they will warm up to you. If you are here just plugging your wares I agree with what was said. This is not a touchy feely site and most guys tell it how they see it I like that. It can be hard to take sometimes when you don't like the answers or comments made but we are just a bunch of metal head type people for the most part some have more feelings than others and some are straight to the point. Just like life isn't it?


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            Hey Boomer,

            Don't let them get to you, to head this kind of comment off just put the following at the end of your post:

            "Just a happy customer, no finanicial interest, etc."

            That way they know you are not advertising a product just reporting on it.

            I always like hearing about products that work well.
            Paul in NE Ohio


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              Thanks Bro's, when i heard about the jenix i came here and punched it into a search engine and the reviews were good, I guess i can understand these guys thinking something else seeing it was my first post, I also used this site along time ago to find out about the shoptask bridgemill and thanks to you people I found out that it wasnt the machine for me, Yes im for real, and im happy with my DRO and i agree if someone is using a post like this to advertise for their own needs that thats a screw...


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                PHires, If he had been lurking, he would have known that,But thanx for pointing it out .

                A.K., Only 5/10's resolution, Yea, I am real upset about that,I have decimal + 5 Points, what is that?I wish I can figure out how to cut it back to 3 dec points , 0.000 as it is as close as My old mill can get, and I am not building a space shuttle any time soon.
                I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.(now there is a first for me).

                The Very Tame Wolf !


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                  iowolf Im sorry you have to work on your dads old mill, god that must be frustrating, as you know some people have better machinery than you and as i hope you know DRO's are also used on EDM machines and lathes, example --- when boring or turning 2/10ths is actually 4/10ths and 4/10ths can be the difference on certain diameter parts between the press fit your looking for or the trash can, now since some people still flop the head of their mill to the side and use it as a lathe do you see how this can make a difference even in a milling DRO?
                  "I have decimal + 5 Points, what is that?I wish I can figure out how to cut it back to 3 dec points" -------- iowolf ---- only 3/4s of an inch of black electrical tape seperates you from your wildest dreams, Glad i could help, thats what this site is all about...


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                    Thanks for the report Boomer. I know the guys building Shumatech DRO's all love the Jenix scales. You can read more about them on the Yahoo Group:


                    I had also seen that other brand IOWolf mentions, but hadn't realized it was less resolution. Good to know. I haven't looked close enough to tell the price diff between the two, but I do know the Shumatech crowd likes to buy Jenix scales from this guy based on prices:


                    Ya, he's my brother-in-law and gives me half the profit every time one sells!

                    <Just kidding, relax, dial down, geez this site is up tight!>



                    Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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                      A.K. why dont you read my Post.

                      It might enlighten you.

                      Oh and there is another so called machinist web site where you would fit right in,


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                        Brother in law discount? that usually ends up costing me more!,,, yeah iowolf is correct on that the cdco is a little cheaper than the jenix but thats a quality issue in my opinion, the jenix has better res. + its s. korea, i really shopped around before i decided and thats what everyone should do, i think for the most part i would try and stay away from the rack and pinon type scales (trax systems?) as i dont think you should have mechanical movement in a linear scale due to wear and chips and such but what good is a DRO if you cant afford one, but thats also why i got the jenix because it was very reasonable, its very close to china's cheapest priced, many choices out there and im reminded how great of a day in age we live in when units like these were over a couple grand not to long ago, I think i worded all of this sales pitch correctly, now maybe the boss will give me a raise (kidding ---- just kidding!)


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                          IOwolf, thanks for the mentalillness site - it is a good one, no hard feelings, just try a little harder to give people the bennie of the doubt --- i really didnt have much to share on this site till i bolted on my new dro...


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                            The cdco is glass scaled, and I am happy with it. You got the same thing for $100.00 more. I hope you always will be happy with it.


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                              Originally posted by A.K. Boomer
                              IOwolf, thanks for the mentalillness site - it is a good one, no hard feelings, just try a little harder to give people the bennie of the doubt --- i really didnt have much to share on this site till i bolted on my new dro...
                              Benefit of the doubt? Only when deserved.