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Darex E90 radius attachment disassembly

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  • Darex E90 radius attachment disassembly

    I found a new Darex E90 end mill sharpener (still in cosmoline) with radius attachment. The spindle for the radius attachment was frozen from sitting for decades. I got it freed up and turning but I would like to clean and lube or replace the bearings. I haven't found an exploded view for this part and was wondering if anyone has dissembled the Radius Tool spindle, before I head to the press (or get a bigger hammer). There is a tiny set screw hidden inside but removing it didn't seem to help.

    Thanks, Dave..

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    In that scenario I would check for a second screw under the first.
    West Sussex UK


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      There are no bearings as such in the radius spindle, just one or two rows of balls depending on which version you have.


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        I thought there might be simple balls as there wouldn't be a lot of space for races. So what's the trick to getting at them? Darex sent an exploded view of the full assembly but it doesn't show the spindle sleeve (and the bearings) removed, and couldn't provide information for further disassembly to replace the balls.
        Thanks for the reply.


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          To be honest with you, I wouldn't spend any time on it as they are completely useless. I bought a new one maybe 25 years ago and found that I could not get good results with it so after about a year or so I contacted the selling agent for Darex who told me that there was a problem with the design of first version of the attachment, which I had. They sent me the "New Improved Version" free of charge within about a week.
          The new version was slightly better than the original but it was still impossible to get acceptable results with it. A few years later I spoke to a Darex representative at a trade show, in Australia, who told me that the radius attachment was unsuccessful and that they did not make it any more.