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  • Spot Welder Update

    I posted a ? on spot welders a few days ago and recieved an excellent response, 'specially from JRouche and CCWKen. I will admit that i had serious doubts about buying anything from Harbor Freight, but, since i respected these guys opinions, went to HF and bought the spot welder. Talk about being surprised! these guys were right, totally satisfied.

    1. just like the Miller & Hobart....if not identical...same specs.

    2. Not made in China (big surprise) but in Armenia.

    3. Decent parts and instruction manual.

    4. Approximately 1/3 the cost of the Miller i was about to buy.

    5. The unit seems to do a good job (more experience needed here)

    Ken, you were correct on timing, you got to be fast on 20 ga.

    IOWOLF, haven't forgotte your request for pics...later.

    Again, thanks Ken and JRouche, for the help.

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    Don't blame me!

    I have two of the 230v units. I like 'em. You need to make yourself a timer now.

    If I recall, I looked at "Armenia" a hundred times when I got mine and all that registered was "America". I could have sworn is was USA made but I was shown to be wrong. They are still a good unit for the price.


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      I am on my second one. The first shorted out about a month after I got it and they replaced it with no questions asked (I don't think that they really care about anything). Before returning it, I spent an evening taking it apart and was not super impressed with the quality of the internals. It seemed to me that HF can squeeze the quality out of most anything no matter where they get it. They do have some jewels like the big red tool boxes and gloves, but most anything of theirs that has wires makes me nervous. The second spot welder is working like a champ.


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        Your first one was probably dropped. That's how I ended up with two units. The first was shipped from California. After about a six weeks and no welder, I got a refund and bought one at a store. About two weeks later, it showed up in a rag-tag box all taped up. It was missing the wooden handle and bolt but otherwise "Appeared" to be intact. I installed a plug and tried it out. POW! and a little smoke. I emailed HF that the first unit arrived but was damaged. I asked if they wanted me to mail it back and they declined.

        I disassembled it and found the problem. The primary wiring made contact with core. The only way this can happen is if it's dropped and breaks the retainers. It fried about three loops and two layers deep. Having nothing better to do, I rewound the primary, sealed it and made sure it wouldn't contact again. Works great and now I have two units for the price of one.

        Just make sure you don't drop it!