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  • Can I do this?

    I have a piece of seamless stainless steel tubbing that I would like to weld onto a piece of hot rolled steel. I do not know what the material is, it came from the scrap box. The stainless tube is 1-1/2 OD and an ID of 1 inch. the mild steel is a bar 3/8 X 2.5. The bar will be butted up to the side of the stainless tube.

    If I can weld this it will save me some work and machining time.

    Both stick and wire feed welders are available, but I don't have large selection of welding rod, 6011, 6013 7018 that sort of rod. I don't want to go buy some special rod just for 4 inches of welding.
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    I've welded stainless steel with 6011 and it seemed to work OK. However, I'd use SS rod if I had it available, it'll do a much better job.


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      Hi, if you like I'll mail you a couple of ss 309L rods, That is what I would use.


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        Paul is correct...309 is the standard rod to use for welding dissimilar carbon metal to SS.
        Depends what you are doing with it. Muffler shops often use S-6 wire to weld SS exhaust systems together. I used the same to weld mine together. Not correct but it works.
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          I am not a welder by trade but a guy that builds crab pots over in Crescent City welds stainless parts to rebar all the time and it holds fine useing a wirefeed welder no special wire. I have welded some stailess gun barrel material to stainless all thread with standard wire and no problems. I was making some knurled adjustment knobs. The welds I made were not critical if they broke though and none of them have, the welds even came out looking good. I don't know if this helps you or not if the weld was not super critical I would give it a try.


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            Thanks for the replys guys. Paul, I may take you up on that offer, first I will see if the local welding supply has a broken box.

            One time I needed some Nirod and they were selling it by the pound kind of spendy but better than havine to buy a whole box.
            Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.