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  • Many thanks...

    I just wanted to to thank Oliver for sending me the chunk of 99.999% pure Silicon, the chunk o' dead Quartz growth crucible (it is beautiful), and the test mask litho for my "Sick Twisted Hobby". I felt like a kid on christmas morning - SPARKELIES!

    Oliver, you may not believe this, but my friend was able to read the printing on the litho "Wacker Siltronic Corp. Mask MOS 2.0" - I could see the printing, but could not read it - I had to use my microscope. I was able to see the circles and the fine lines unaided - just barely, despite my PDR. Makes me want to go back to school - just to play!

    Thanks brother, you made my day!

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    Het Thrud, I want to make your day too. I still have this 2N24 on my desk with your name on it but no adderss. Email me your addres so I can send it to you (free of course). Wayne


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      Thrud I want to take this oportunity to thank you for sending me this beautifull chonk of 99.999999999% pure rock crystalized meatloaf your lil sis kooookedup . whoops thats me of the Christmas list again that'll be twice this year already, sorry Dave just broke my last tooth on it this morning YUM YUM very hardtastic matey
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        way back when IC's were new, we had an open house at work. Peeled the case off a IC and put it under a powerful lens. A thing of beauty!!!!.

        Think I will see if i can find another and show gson.
        Thanks forthe idea


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          Let me know when the anvil wears out and I will have her cook another one up! If only we could cook it in the shape of a tank our armies would be unstoppable!

          I have a 486 that a friend plugged in backwards (they are designed to crack in half when the power is applied on one corner - voiding warranty) - took the microtorch to it and removed the back cover (pin side). It is brazed on with either a silver solder or Paladium alloy - needs lots of heat! Let air cool. The chip was 1/2" square! ($$$$ to make). Looks real neat with a stereo microscope - be carefull with high power microscopes - you can break the objectives when focusing unless they have extended relief.

          My friend photographs them with a video camera through the microscopes optical ports.


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            Dave.Now! Now! poor ol gal she's only dooo'in her best an here we are all havin a go at her. Go out tomorrow and buy the biggest bunch of most expensive flowers Docsteve can afford and put it on the nice lads account .I know hes got a big heart and won't mind. Whoops I think I'm of his Christmas list too now I think I'll write a book called how to make yourself unpopular in one easy move.
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              dave I read Alastairs post with care. you go right ahead and buy her the best set of flowers I can afford. Heck, If alastair can afford to help, you might even spring for a bunch of dandelions ( large bunch if they are discounted) . And thanks Alistair, I been wanting to pay dave for favors rendered in the past. Now the books are nearer even.


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                Steve, Alistair

                I was watching the BBC tonight about the horrible snow storm in the UK.

                Geebus H. Murphey!

                You guys call THAT a snow storm? And I thought people from Alabama with bald tires on a 1/4" thick blanket of snow were pathetic. The pictures of the poor Scotish children trudging through snow drifts nearly an inch high nearly broke my heart - luckily the schools were shut down!

                Ok, I admit when the first snowflake hits the ground here there are 400 accidents, and it is really, really funny seeing a guy from Africa's gold coast step off the plane in January and go "S**t!! - Take me back!" (+30C to -40C is quite the eye opener. You guys that live in the banana belt are soooo funny to watch in the snow.....

                I forgot what I was getting at - got so excited talking about the snow...

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                  Dave: Few years back, we in Jacksonville Fl, Usa has an ice storm. Lots of cars spun out. A very high percentage ofthe wrecks involved vehicles with Quebec tags .

                  Friend says the first thing those canadians said when the ticket writing began was that city should have equipment to rid the streets of the glare ice and on and on .

                  You northerners aint any better drivers than those alabama boys with bald tires. You just have faster snow removale equipment and better insulation etc. Remember- you guys work all your life so you can finaly come live with us and act like we act all our lives . Thats a strange stement from a guy who moved in just like you guys hope to

                  Peace bud, and keep the snow off the roads.


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                    I am not moving from here unless the government starts doing stupid stuff. I prefer snow to skeeters and roaches. Those guys that winter down there are pathetic - but then they drive like that in Quebec anyway (year round)!

                    Sometimes I think I should just build a nice brick wall to beat my head against. I cannot believe how "stunned" people are getting in general. I blame the media for their excellent brain washing en mass.

                    I was just bugging you guys - just sharing my frustration....


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                      Dave: I tell truth for once . Neither wife nor I like this area. We discuss a move to Texas, or New Mexico but it won't happen. The Gkids Etc are the anchors. I'd even prefer South Dakota ,but she says never again those winters for her. I love to look for miles to the horizon. Florida's horizons are in feet.

                      I look at a map of USA, Canada, Mexico a get home sick just remembering places I worked at a week or so, lonely for people I,ve not seen for years and never new long.

                      Horrible thing is I get home sick for places I have never been- One that jumps to mind is Lake Louise in either British Columbia or Alberta Canada. Never seen it but I heard it described, when I was in another beautiful place, as more beautiful l than that place.

                      Such a wonderful world we have. I've seen much of it compared to most people, but there is such a lot of world to see. I'd love to take my old motor home and point its nose north or west (nice thing about here is that you can't so east nor south unless you are willing to stay in Florida) and spend months putting road behind me, drink a cup of coffee in those places where I never tarried.

                      I want to return to the flea market in Shiprock New Mexico and eat mutton stew with a bunch of smelly Indians and swap lies with them. Drive California highway 1 north from Los Angles until it is nor more. Watch the Pacific Ocean a long time North Of the Big Sur. Then highway 101 until its no more either. Gotta drive to Anchorage just once. Stand on a hill there and watch the seaplanes in the harbor.

                      No Dave, I am basically a happy man, but I think I would find it easier to be happy with wide spaces in front of me and many town behind me J
                      Peace Bud
                      PS: I hope I made some one else's feet get itchy to day


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                        I remember back around Christmas of 1972, South Carolina had a bad ice/snow storm. It pretty near shut down Parris Island, the Army sent in tracked vehicle to help out those poor Morines.

                        I prefer the snow and ice over cockroaches and mosquitos.



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                          Steve if you ever want to come to Bonnie Scotland you know you are welcome here I will show you sights that will make your eyes open.Alistair p s When I say sights I don't mean the canadian bellet neither,I have been to Florida many many times and I must confess I love it especially clearwater and sarasota so I suppose the grass is always greener,
                          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                            Thanks Alistair for the offer- hope some day we can take you up on it!!!!!

                            Jerry: So far as roaches go they exist all all over the world. I rather have a Florida "palmetto" bug (they look, act and breed justlike roaches) than Ted Kennedy any day.

                            I am sure the USMC appreciates the army help at Parris Island. Army should keep a close eye on the the recuit depots at both San Diego and Parris Island- That where the newest most helpless Jar heads to be are. They are apt to need help any time, help that even the army can give. Thats where The Marines keep their brainless boy. The world is surely a better, safer place with those recuits beomming marines- Also it is army repayment for General Smedly Butler, USMC, Deceased having marched with his MArines from Quantico, through snow and ice putting Washington DC (Army/Navy Headquarters) back on their feet in the late twenties. He used shovels and 2nd Lts-to-be rather than tracked vehicles. But he rescued the Brains ofthe Army/Navy with 2nd Lts-to-be (which are tools of less use than even recruits) .

                            Of course you should understand the USMC has mainly fought in tropic clime- but I personally remember that we made it through the winter of 1950-51 using mainly tropical clothes- Excepting shoe pacs and parkas supplied by the army to us. Shoe pacs were of little use when you lived in snow 24 hours a day, but they sure beat the high top shoes we came with. Course, the USMC did not come prepared to stay long, did not foresee need for cold weather gear. USMC figured to go to old border at Seoul and stop. Had not plans to go to the Yalu and stop and think. Doug McAuthor, USA was runningthat show until he crossed Harry Ass Truman. Nuff History!!!
                            PS: Truth is I had no dealings to speak of with Army in Korea, and the army treated us (a small team of less than 15 men) extremely well, and gave us orders that allowed us to catch rides (demand actualy) when we crossed Korea to get back to the USMC !st div. And Army treated me well as a civilian in VietNAm between 1962 and 1971. I have no bad words for the army. Peace

                            I left in Dec 1950, but buddies told me the "Mickey mouse" boots they had by spring were good gear and that too came from Army.
                            Sentry Yells "Officer of day to post XXXXX"
                            REports "Hark ,sir, I hear the pitter patter of little feet!!!!"
                            O.D. Calms him "son, that's the 8th Army in full retreat- gather the men and bring back more supples".


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                              I live in utah..."The greatest snow on earth"...That is our motto on our license plates....too bad we are in a 5 year drought.....we just recieved our first real snowstorm...yippeeeee!!! January was the driest month on record for us..."the greatest snow on earth"....(yeah, sure...when we GET snow)...