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Help with jammed tool chest

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    Top boxes may not have the same mechanism. They usually have a top that raises up, and the lock only releases the top. Raising the top then moves the rod to release the drawers.

    If the key will not turn, then you may have a jammed lock, or, just a "balky" one. Probably you have already tried wiggling the key and inserting it deeper, pulling it back, raising it, tilting it, etc.

    If there are contents, they may have jammed the lock arm, so lifting the ends one at a time and shaking the box may help. Might take a fair bit of shaking if whatever moved got caught on the lock arm or the stationary part of the latch.
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      Originally posted by Dunc View Post
      @ Mcgyver... unit is top part of a 2-piece set. Bottom survived the trip with no problems. The "key to rod..." was on the lower roller chest. Are both mechanisms the same? Dunno
      Top chest may have a drawer locking mechanism attached to the back of the chest top cover. If the chest locks by turning key counter clockwise, tilt chest to left and shake to dislodge the jam or vise versa.
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        Might try pushing down on the top lid while turning the key.
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          Originally posted by oxford View Post
          Since it seems like it happened on the ride home from the place you bought it, the easiest thing to do would be to put it back in the same place you had it in the vehicle and drive in reverse back to the place you got it from. It “should” be good to go when you get there.
          Reminds me of a meeting with a bunch of managers we had about trying to salvage some parts that were made undersize.
          I suggested sending them back to the machine shop and have the machinist cut them again, spinning the end mill backwards
          so it would put the metal back on. One manager asked me with a straight face if they could really do that. A firm NO was my reply.



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            We can only wish..........
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              Run back and get the right key?
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                Might not hurt to call seller in case it happened before.,


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                  Remove rivets from piano hinge to remove top,should get you to the working of locking mechanism.Sometimes the wire can be removed from piano hinge.
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                    Look closely at the face of the lock to see if it as a code number visible. If so, look at the number on the key to see if the two numbers match.
                    If not, you will need a replacement key to match the lock.

                    I am in the middle of a similar problem here with a storage cabinet: The wrong key locked it, but I now have to obtain the correct key to unlock it.