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  • Back in the day when all we had was an old lathe and a pile of gears, no manual, gear chart gone missing, no calculators, we just had to work the gear train out by simple maths. It wasn't that hard, if we could do it then, you can do it now. Peter has started you off with a partial chart, and you know that works for 18TPI once you substituted a 35T gear for the 60T idler. Do the same thing for the other threads on Peters chart, and it will work. Forget what the factory says, by this stage you know more about than they do!
    You might find that you want to cut a thread that you don't have some of the gears for. Don't worry, theres plenty of guys on the internet offering 3D moulded gears of pretty much every pitch and tooth count, for reasonable money. These plastic gears will be fine if you need to buy one. Thats if you don't feel like cutting your own
    'It may not always be the best policy to do what is best technically, but those responsible for policy can never form a right judgement without knowledge of what is right technically' - 'Dutch' Kindelberger