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    I have an elderly friend who newly bought a small table top chester ,ill he has one already which he has had for five years.He has sold his older one and is expecting his new one on tuesday,here is the twist.He has been sent a leaflet from the company to tell him that he must before signing check the mill thoroughly as once he signs for it any damage found will be his respnonsibility.The company told him the driver is allocated 45 minutes can you believe that,I never encountered a driver willing to wait that long anyway as he explained the machine has to be carried upstairs and bolted in situ after the well nailed packing case comes off.This will all take time as the machine weighs about 140pounds he cannot lift it up and in any case the other one has to be removed first as he works in a small well filled bedroom.He is now worried that if he signs which he must do and finds any problems he will be held responsible usually companies allow a few days don'tthey ?Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Sounds kind of fishy to me; a driver waiting that long?


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      Hi Alistair,
      This is a marketing gimmick from Chester's and is a complete load of old tosh.

      Last year I bought a DB10-G lathe from them, and they sent a letter saying the same thing, i.e. had to be checked and the driver is allowed 45 minutes.
      The delivery driver (commercial carrier, Chester don't use own transport unless quite local I think) laughed his head off when I told him about this and said absolutely no way would he wait whilst it was checked, and to be honest 45 minutes is nowhere near long enough anyway.
      Your friend *MUST* write 'not checked or tested' when he signs on the delivery note and keep a copy of this.

      Anyway, this lathe was so bad that I rejected it after 3 days. Chester said no problem, pack it back up and we'll delivery another one and collect the old one, and 4 days later a new lathe arrived. This turned out to be just as bad as the first one although in different areas, and had obviously come from a different factory (different castings, handles, finishing etc).

      The upshot was that I rejected this one as well after 2 weeks, they had to come and collect it, and I got a full refund albeit with a little arguing about consumer rights. Their statement borders on violating your normal consumer rights and would be defined by any UK court as 'unreasonable'. If he does have any trouble I have a couple of direct e-mail addresses for Chester that should get you through to the right people in the event of a problem.
      Kind regards