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Rustlick coolant for Mill ?

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  • Rustlick coolant for Mill ?

    I have been looking online at the Rustlick 250R, 370R and 2000. Is anyone on the board using one of these?

    This is for a 3 hp mill with a built in coolant system. I have not figured out a good way to install a tramp oil skimmer yet if I go with a non-oil based coolant. While the mill maybe used daily for a week, other times it may sit for a week. Second concern is staining and cleanup.
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    It turns sticky and gooey after a while , In my experience.


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      I have used it on my Lathe and Mill. It does stain if not wipped up. It will creap under the vice and stain its footprint onto the mill table. For me it also irritates my hands. My return was to an open sump so skimming was easy in that case. I will still use it but I prefer oil.