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    The VFD won't care about dust as long as it is not conductive dust.

    You can use smaller VFDs to run larger motors but you will probably have to set the acceleration and deceleration ramp time really long to make sure you dont brownout or overcurrent the drive or fault it out when you turn off the motor.


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      Originally posted by macona View Post
      The VFD won't care about dust as long as it is not conductive dust.
      Actually, it WILL care about dust.

      Obviously conductive dust is very bad. But "ordinary" dust will act as a blanket, ensuring components stay very hot, and preventing heatsinks from working well. You want to keep dust out of the VFD as much as possible.

      The manual should explain the minimum size and type of box that is acceptable, along with proper location of the unit in the box. At a certain size of metal box, you may not need vents. Usually that is larger than you would prefer, but.....
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        I just hooked up the vfd. 50 hertz... I have an email out on how to change it to 60hertz.