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O/T: I say to Bronwyn, I'm going on the Network now..

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    All of this can be traced back to HAM radio operators. Before the internet, before dial up internet, HAM's were doing this with packet radio. That annoying sound on the phone with dial up sounds exactly like AX.25 over packet radio. The HAM radio network was repeaters relaying AX.25. I tried a bulletin board with it once. APRS was packet radio combined with a GPS. If you understand the history and natural progression of everything, it all makes perfect sense. So the internet is just a giant network, natural progression from your home local area network. If you have a router and multiple devices connected to your router, you already have a local area network. Before wireless routers, we were doing this with switches and CAT5 cable in the walls. I still prefer CAT5 in the walls. Before CAT5, it was coaxial cable. I set up my first true LAN to play 4 player DOOM2 over the IPX network. We used a 10Mbps hub(before switches were affordable)
    What we take for granted today was an absolute dream to me back in middle school and high school.


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      Originally posted by Lew Hartswick View Post
      I'm pretty sure they never heard of "Conductance" :-)
      Most likly the largest ammount of resistance there is, Currently.LoL

      Conductive resistanc for Power stations might one of their largest concernse.

      Power stations that drop the volts down to useabe poyrntial dont get to do it for free .. The heat generated from the drop down station is tremendous.

      You think lets use it? No way.

      Edison cant do that. They use their own back feed to power massive cooling stations.

      What happenens when the load drops?. The cooling fans go off line. The transformers get saturated and its lights out for tonight.

      Thanks Edison. JR


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        Internet, Network. Some of us called it “the Library” for home users it was “Funk and Wagnal’s” Social Media was Ham Radio and Citizens Band. In later years, CB became…well my wife doesnt like me to talk that way.


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          [QUOTE=Ironbearmarine;n1964966“Funk and Wagnal’s” .[/QUOTE]

          Yes Sir.. Thats it.. JR


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            Originally posted by Baz View Post
            OK, what does "Wireless" mean to you? (our younger listeners won't get this)
            Ill go with AM then Ham.. "“Funk and Wagnal’s"

            I grew up with neoghbors in So cal had huge ham radio masts in their roof or yard. Guy wires everywhere. . I dont thinkink they allow that anymore due to the fact I dont see them

            Art had a very tall Ham radio Mast across the street, my best freind (10yo) was his son.

            So I used to get visits inside his radio shack with paul, my freaind, his dad asleep Hahahaa! , him notknowing, I was facicnated. All the equptment.

            Thst not the first time I was interested in electricity..

            The 110vac out of the wall was my first one. Knocked out the enire house. Oh well.JR


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              wait- I thought they were all the interwebs now?

              One Google to rule them all???

              Or is that last week?

              too many TLAs
              rusting in Seattle


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                Originally posted by JRouche View Post
                Network!? Who the hell says network when going on the internet. Used to be Network. Now its Internet.
                As Yasser Arafat used to say "That Darn Net and Yahoo" ! 😄


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                  Originally posted by Tobias-B View Post
                  One Google to rule them all???
                  LOR ref? I like it.

                  LOR= Loard Of the Riings non geeks.. I am a geek