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    Fencing is almost finished ( only 1/2 mile to go) . Have I missed something or is the, new to me, feature of options when mouse pointer is on the posters name new or am I just slow?

    I'm suffering withdrawal pains because of not being able to produce any chips or swarf. Should be able to change that by Tuesday will have the fence and windmills done enough for cattle to come in.

    I guess I'm guilty of doing a lot of lurking and not posting, will try to change that in the future. Have a lot of projects that aren't up to the fine work that Evan or John produce, but maybe someone will enjoy seeing them. Something that I learned from my father years ago, if precision or fine finish aren't necessary don't waste the time, life is to short to waste time on unnecessary flash. A lot of my welding projects are not up to par with what I see posted here so I'm hesitant to show them off., but most of them get the fob done.

    Also I think that the spell check feature of this new software is neat !!!
    I never learned to spell in high school or college, so hate to write with out a spell check. Thanks again to VP for all of the work that they have done to improve this board.

    GUNS Don't kill people
    Drivers using cell phones do.