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lead screws are luvin it

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  • lead screws are luvin it

    I installed o-rings on the brass screw lead nuts o.d's and it turned my lead mounts into a mini gearbox, they hold vactra for weeks and the only way out now is through the lead threads, some higher qual. mills may already have this but mine sure didnt and it would just run out the bottom where the lead nut bolts to the mount, i also silicone sealed all my vertical lines that feed the table and saddle so it dont just give it a spurt and then run back down between the drilled hole and outside of the feed line this really helps to keep everything juicy all the time even if i forget to lube once in awhile, i think it will make my illegitimate red headed stepchild last a lot longer, the only lead nuts i needed to o-ring is the adjusting ones the others i just siliconed to the lead mount seeing as though it never needs to move, maybe its not worth the disassembly but if you ever have your mill down that far its something to consider.

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    Cool ideas Boomer!

    I know the one shot lube articles always attract attention, so I would think these ideas also will. Post a pic or two if you have any handy on what you're doing.


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      Ok, I am a simplton, I think I need to see a picture with arrows or a vocab lesson on parts of a mill, (or at least the Chinese symbols on my "paperwork") to fully understand what A.K. Boomer has typed.
      Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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        Im sorry im not very good at discriptions, and i dont even have a digi cam plus my mill is all assembled but i will try again to discribe,,, i have an entry level 3/4 scale jet vert. knee mill (jvm 8-36) but its design is very simular to the larger ones but i have seen threaded lead screws that actually thread into the lead Knuckle so this may not aply to them (knuckle meaning the mount that bolts to the saddle and moves the table) The lead knuckle (or mount) has a for and aft bore for the Y axis lead nuts and a right and left bore for the X axis lead nuts, my leads nuts are a bolt up with no type of sealing devise that keeps lube from running out between the lowest point between the lead knuckle and the lead nut, its metal to metal and will drain vactra overnight, anyways, there is one lead nut on each axis that is adjustable and one that is stationary, the stationary one is the one you can remove and just silicone and reassemble right to the knuckle but the adjusting one needs to still be able to move for adjustment without breaking the seal between it and the knuckle hence the O-ring which will allow rotation of the ajusting lead nut and still remain fliud tight , by keeping the fluid from draining out the lowest point of the lead knuckle it builds up and fills the void between the two lead nuts inside the knuckle making it a little gearbox --- the only place it will drain is between the coarse lead threads and lead nuts that are actually the lead screws, instead of getting the spurt or two when you one shot lube your machine they now sit in a pocket of fluid that gets temperarly higher than the bottom level of your lead screw itself keeping everything submursed in fresh vactra all the time, like i say i bet some of the bigger mills already have something like this and maybe thats why some of them use threads on the od's of the lead nuts, either system can be sealed though, you could o-ring in a varietry of ways on the lead nut, I put my o-ring at the o.d. on the lead nut at the part that slips into the knuckle, but you could also seal the nut at the face were it gets bolted down, the fill tube that hooks up to the one shot is higher than the level of the lead screws so everything gets used, hope i didnt make this more screwed up than it already was,