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Jammed tool box - follow up

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  • Jammed tool box - follow up

    I previously posted about a jammed tool chest. Tried all the suggestions - including rotating it 180 degrees - no joy. Needing access to the tools, sooner rather than later, I drilled an access hole using a hole saw directly above the key (front & center). There was a toggle assembly attached with metal rods from the key lock to the actual latches at the front corners. Two more hole saw openings - one at each front corner - and the latch mechanism - more rods & toggles - became visible. Fiddled around & got the latches unstuck. To open, they drop down (gravity assist); locking involves the toggles raising the bar. Interesting that turning the box upside down had not released it, but whatever.
    Needless to say but that section will never be key locked again!
    Replaced the cutouts, bit of paint, etc.
    Curiously, I never determined what caused the lock-bars to jam; I assume a tool(s) but in which drawer is unknown.

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    Glad to hear you got it open with minimal damage.



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      Good show!
      Paul A.
      SE Texas

      And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
      You will find that it has discrete steps.