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OT: Suggestion for new battery charger?

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  • OT: Suggestion for new battery charger?

    So I have a long story about the lawn mower battery going bad and having to buy a new one only to find out the Vector charger I have was lying to me and the original battery is really good. So the short version is I'm now in the market for a new charger. I would prefer one with a boost/start option and the ability to do 6 volt. What is everyone using?


    Central Ohio, USA

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    I have several chargers, but my old standby is a Sears model from the 1970s. It's dumber than dirt but has a timer and can be set to 6/12 volts, 2, 10, 50 amps. It looks like this is a similar model except mine has a timer.

    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

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      This one been good so far for around the farm,about 5 yr old. Click image for larger version

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        NOCO Genius 10 is what I have on my next to buy battery charger list. Will do everything but boost a battery. Not cheap but rates well.


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          Just put a new “battery charger” on my sailboat. Two 315 watt solar panels connected to the batteries thru a MPPT controller that can charge at almost 50 amps. No more shore power cords! My little diesel is down with injector problems so I am using an electric trolling motor to get out of the marina. Electric tiller pilot, electrically retracted keel, and an 1800 watt AC inverter to power a microwave oven.


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            Have many vintages, but prime charger is like Tundra's above. Like the custom cart by the way. I have to move mine across the property from time to time and that would be a whole lot easier to roll on the grass, idea added to the list.

            I also have a NOCO Genius. Wow what a charger. Brought a 3 year old 12v battery back from 7v, to its 12.8-13.0v fully charged. It has been fine ever since. It did take 3 full days to bring it back to the living, but worth the time.

            I will be buying another of those for winter storage of the convertible.


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              This charger is missing the 6V and the starting boost but I hook it to a battery and go off to do other things. I might come back in an hour or maybe not for 3 days but it doesn't matter much as when the battery is fully charged it shuts off with the message, "battery full". No worries about boiling the battery dry.



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                I would highly recommend a Pro-Logix smart charger/maintainer. I have several others, but these are the newest in the collection, and by far the most useful. I like the fact that they can charge at many different levels, and provide multiple stage charging to bring the batteries up to optimum level. They can take an absolutely dead battery and bring it back to life within a few hours.

                My first experience with them was a few years ago when we were on a trip to Alaska in our motorhome. The onboard charger died and we needed a way to keep the house batteries charged to use the lights and power the refrigerator. I found the Pro-Logix PL2510 at a local Napa store. I hooked it up semi permanently an it kept the batteries charged for the next 2 months.

                I was so impressed with it I tried it on the long dead batteries in the end loader and tractor when we got back home. In both cases it worked perfectly. The 13 year old battery in the loader lasted another 3 years and the 10 year old one in the tractor is still going strong.

                They're a bit different than the typical old school charger. It's a plastic box that looks more like a kids toy than a high grade charger. It is powerful and resilient to normal shop use. I now have 2 of them and rarely use any of the old school chargers any more.

                Here are links to 2 models available at NAPA. They are available from a number of different sources.

                Battery Charger Smart Charger/Maintainer SOR PL2510 | Buy Online - NAPA Auto Parts (

                Battery Charger Smart Charger/Maintainer SOR PL2520 | Buy Online - NAPA Auto Parts (

                About the only difference I'm aware of is that the smaller one only has a 55 amp boost capacity while the larger one has a 100 amp boost capacity


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                  Some good suggestions. We had a big roll around Solar brand unit on the farm. I've considered one but its really overkill for the stuff I have around here.The biggest battery is the one on the 2500HD pickup. Kind of looking towards the NOCO Genius 10 at this point. Maybe need to watch the auctions for a really old school manual unit too.
                  Central Ohio, USA