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Free hobbing - a rogue method?

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  • Originally posted by Mcgyver View Post

    you called that one. he's doing so now. what a goof
    A couple months ago, Milacron himself was asking around about buying/importing taiwanese machinery. I took a screenshot of it for posterity.
    25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


    • Originally posted by The Metal Butcher View Post

      Everyone that drives slower than me is an idiot, everyone faster; a maniac.
      Funny, I see very few maniacs on the road. Oh, wait....
      There are no stupid questions. But there are lots of stupid answers. This is the internet.

      Location: SF Bay Area


      • Thank you. That means a lot.

        Originally posted by nickel-city-fab View Post

        That's because you were doing something genuinely new and potentially useful. Also, extremely intelligent, and presented like a human being.


        • Presumably Robin/Brian/whatever his name is feels he's won some kind of final victory by deleting all of his content. In my opinion it's done the community a favour not having it as a permanent record lest future visitors presume that it has merits that just aren't there.

          Must really have choked when he found out that PM has a time expiry on edits mind
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