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Free hobbing - a rogue method?

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  • Robint
    OP has deleted this post
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  • Mcgyver
    Originally posted by Robint View Post
    Despite the skeptical views from Gear purists
    Whats a purist?"

    imo its just a pejorative term. Like everyone better than you is a purist, everyone worse a hack
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  • J Tiers
    As Doozer said, you have to gash the blank or rely on "PFM" to make it work.

    And tilt the hob...

    It's legitimate, in that B& S mention it as a method, as do others. It's likely to produce a fairly good... "acceptable" ...gear for many purposes.

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  • Robint
    started a topic Free hobbing - a rogue method?

    Free hobbing - a rogue method?

    I joined up here cos I was directed to view some work done on this topic last year by
    I dont wish to be seen as hijacking his thread or over topping his work. I sent him a pm but sadly no reply

    There were many other commentators on his post and perhaps those with an open mind would support my re-opening of this topic for discussion following my own similar path of work
    Hopefully the OP may resurface and help share experiences with you all

    Despite the skeptical views from Gear purists I believe this method has a place but I readily admit it has limitations

    a) Cheap and quick to produce vs laborious dividing head method
    b) No special $$$ equipment needed
    c) DIY hobbing tools for a few dollars

    a) Only for light duty using non ferrous mtl - not intended for power xmission or precision use
    b) Does not produce standard DP conforms so may not mesh with std gears
    c) Gives a 30deg PA
    d) Is thought to be unpredictable re number of teeth vs design (I hope to show this is not necessarily the case)
    e) May well be difficult to fit defined centers (but could drill centers afterwards or just adjust profile shift)
    f) For the moment limited to 3mm CP but work in hand for larger values possible

    The method must be seen as an agricultural approach that can and does produce meshing gears so typical criticisms by gear theorists (as experienced by the OP) are really not appropriate for this method and should be regarded as OT

    obtw i forgot
    an intriguing method I havent tried myself
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