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    I have 3.0 wire 90 feet long running from my home to my shop. It currently is fused for 30 amp usage. I am upgrading to five horse compressor and a 250 amp (hopefully miller mig welder) Can i run more than thirty amp through this 3.0 wire its quite fat looking. Thanx Mike

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    You didn't say if it was Copper or Aluminum ?
    A number 3 Copper wire is rated at 80 Amps buried or 120 amps when
    strung between poles.
    I would say you are covered as the distance means little with the loads you mentioned.
    Your Welder probably will draw 60 amps at 220 when it is fully loaded.


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      Is it 3 gauge or 000 gauge. There's a BIG difference. If it's 000, you can probably run a full 200A circuit feed for the shop. If it's 3ga., the max is about 75A. (Copper)


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        Does he mean that there are 3 one ought (0) OR 1 3 ought (000) or possibly one #3 (?) conductor (kinda a rare bird) . With out a better description everyone is just shooting in the dark.

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          I don't think he means 3 point 0, he means 000, and I don't think he has run one conductor of it. Hard to complete a circuit, especially 220 with one conductor.

          Until he posts again, we should assume he has run 3 wire, 3/0 with maybe a 2/0 neutral. Not 200 amp, but I do think good for 150. 200 is 4/0, I do believe, at least in aluminum. Come to think of it, copper and Al are the same ampacity, different diameter, Al is fatter.