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    Originally posted by PStechPaul View Post
    It is possible to power a rail car with a large fan and human power (probably equivalent to less than 200 watts). So why couldn't a leaf blower with probably 1 or 2 HP work for the guy in the slop bucket?

    Rails are extremely low friction, hard steel wheels on work-hardened rails, and if level it would not take a lot of push.

    Over dirty surfaces outside, concrete, etc, it might take quite a bit more. especially with tiny skateboard wheels.
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      It's time (after all, it's Saturday morning)
      25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


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        To lead some credibility to Paul's post --- and if the guy was using the blower directly and not bouncing it off of an umbrella,,,

        this pic is of my bicycle training fan,,, I use two massive generators to power it --- it also helps keep me cool, note the disc brake rotor on the bottom of the fans platform --- that's to help keep it from tipping over when Im really pouring the coals to the pedals,,, I still have to be careful or I can generate enough power to tip the whole rig over into catastrophic destruction,,,

        Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC05849.jpg Views:	0 Size:	34.6 KB ID:	1966236

        I was trying to think of an easy way to demonstrate the fact that I could move myself with air power without making a cart to hold my entire trainer and fan system while I pedaled it lol

        so I got my brand new shiny creeper which does roll pretty good but has the disadvantage of having plain bearings and swivel castors that do not always align properly --- I then got push pole seen in pic here,

        Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC05850.jpg Views:	0 Size:	23.6 KB ID:	1966237

        I then stood on the creeper and pushed directly on the fans rotating center and kept the unit at the brink of lifting one edge of the base,,, this would equate to a very hard sprint,,,
        the results? even with giving the system a nudge with just shifting my weight real quick I could not get sustained movement --- and even though as you can see my concrete is far from being smooth I thought it would keep me going - disappointed i sat there rubbing my chins, then said awe what the hell i'll try it from the other direction just in case my floors un-level - and walla I had to do an initial weight shift to get all the casters going in the right direction but I started to roll and using the pole sideways and then extending I felt speed slightly increasing....

        piss poor experiment really but does give one an idea somewhat...

        the leafblower in the OP is a lame one to boot - not even a stihl but I bet it put's out more power than I do,,, it's the RPM thing --- used directly I know propulsion can be had to a small degree with the correct setup - used with an umbrella you need a slight negative grade to start with and then yeah you too could achieve greatness like the guy in the vid lol


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          Originally posted by Glug View Post

          You can also move a boxcar with a pry bar.
          That's nothing, I can move 500 ton boats by myself


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            Originally posted by elf View Post

            That's nothing, I can move 500 ton boats by myself
            Make a video of your moving it with a leaf blower and we'll start a new thread.


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              Originally posted by Glug View Post

              Make a video of your moving it with a leaf blower and we'll start a new thread.
              No problem, on a calm day with no current it doesn't take much to move a boat.


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                As crude as my experiment was - just thought of something that gives it even more credibility, in fact that too was demonstrated in Paul's example of "self propelled wind power" as they used a very large fan to match the torque output --- and did not go with "electrical conversion" first off,,, lets start with my deficit and All the losses I experience with the trainer to fan in the form of generating the electricity to converting it to the motors capabilities... so my minute efforts are even dwarfed further,,, Not to mention all the frictional gearing it took to amp things up for my generators - and then the electrical "gearing" to do it even further for the fan and all the losses involved ---------------

                Forget that,,, and forget about my lack of that one equation needed to make "horsepower" {RPM's) lets look at the other part, Match my incredible torque to a direct drive platform --- put me on an efficient rolling platform direct drive pedaling sideways on it, and put me a far distance from the INTAKE side of a massive old ranchers aeromotor wind pump fan and stand in' it's way at level ground saying "na na - na - na na" ehh - way to easy --- put me on a 1% positive grade for me able to get to you and standing just 5 ft away sticking out your tongue,,, lol

                I can absolutely guarantee you it's not going to be a pretty sight... oh wait - im leading the fan and you might have a good right hook -- never mind,,,

                But, real reason for this post,,, in all actuality the guys for real - and he's just using the propulsion of the weedblower - ( or whatever ) and yes it's also all just on level ground,,, he just installed magnets into all the area's ridden and also why he seems to have such control --- it's call Quantum Locking. unbelievable --- if you watch close in the OP's vid one person has to put on a sweater immediately after the modified janitors bucket passes...


                More discussion in the morning im sure --- i'll be hear with a double pot of coffee so bring it on lol


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                  Not a new idea............

                  ........................ Click image for larger version  Name:	Wile.gif Views:	0 Size:	881.9 KB ID:	1966304


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                    Originally posted by elf View Post

                    No problem, on a calm day with no current it doesn't take much to move a boat.
                    And that is why airboats work well...


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                      Originally posted by polaraligned View Post

                      And that is why airboats work well...
                      I thought it was because they are lightweight, and have big block engines with over 500HP. That's what I mostly see in these for sale listings. Just imagine if you added an umbrella to this boat.


                      Click image for larger version

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                        Yeah, you need a big engine too if you want to get anywhere. I rode on one of those in the FL Everglades.

                        I remember when I was a kid, a neighbor had a Cox air car. I don't recall how it was controlled or if it just ran wherever until the fuel ran out. It must have had some sort of tether. No different than a prop airplane speeding down the runway.


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                          Originally posted by Willy View Post
                          Actually it mimics to some extent the combustion bowl in the piston of some diesel engines.
                          They are shaped this way to enhance turbulence. The air nozzle is pointed in the location the fuel injector nozzle would be pointed at.

                          Got my pea shooter pistons in last week and was surprised at the "upgrade" as they too have some kinda coating,,, not aftermarket - OEM honda directly from Yapan...

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC05982.jpg
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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC05983.jpg
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                          My best guess is some kinda moly d. coating - perhaps with teflon also... I do know the stuff is slippery as I took a 1/2" aluminum round and rubbed it on the side back and forth with quite a bit of pressure and it just glided, very high unit pressure as it's basically a round against a round surface, tried it at the top of the piston where it's just aluminum and it stuck like glue lol

                          this might even up the ante on the pea shooters MPG rating slightly --- I just averaged 70.5 going to florida last week...


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                            Great! Nice bonus!
                            Is it std bore size?
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                              Yes they are std. my bores have factory crosshatch for the entire length, in fact tolerance is so critical on these little guys they state not to even break the glaze for re-ringing - just toss a new set into the bores as is....


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