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Power Hacksaw Identification help

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  • Power Hacksaw Identification help

    EDIT (7/12/06): The power hacksaw pictured here is available for pick-up, if anyone is interested. My e-mail is/should be on my profile - or you can send me a private message.

    I'm located in Southen California, and have no plans to pack it for freight.

    I know this is a broad topic and has been touched on many times, but none of the threads I found when searching had saws like the one I have in my shop.

    I've got three pictures, from my phone so pardon the mediocre quality. They are pretty self explanatory.

    The whole thing looks sort of home brew but there may be something of substance beneath the crud. (This isn't the first filthy machine pulled from the recesses of my shop. ie. that little horiz. mill)

    Any ideas of what brand or if there's anything noteworthy here?
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    Way cool. Never saw one like that. Only been exposed to saws that pivoted and dropped in an arc which can't be used for angle cuts.


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      I can't help with ID of the little saw but I do recognize the crud that is on it. That stuff is hard to get off (voice of experience).

      The little mill is all cleaned up now and waiting for me to build a stand for it. Have to cut two new gears for the back gears. One was missing and the other has a tooth out. Then just put it back together. I'm looking forward to using it.

      Have been held up with spring work here at the ranch but hope to get back to it next week.

      Thanks again.
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        Good to hear the mill is cleaning up well. I look forward to seeing it and seeing what you put it to work doing.

        Yeah, that crud is pretty nasty stuff. This saw was under another lathe here in my shop, which gets frequent use drilling and reaming cast acrylic - lots of oil gets everywhere, and so much of it had accumulated over many years of neglect. We removed the saw and have been cleaning up the lathe, but the fate of the saw is still unknown.


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          I have to get rid of that hacksaw pictured in the first thread. It's free for the taking - e-mail me off the list for further details.

          I'm located in Fullerton, CA - near 91 and 57 freeways.

          Local pick-up only, sooner is better.